Vol. 18 Iss. 07

Volume 18 Issue 7 - 02/19/2010

Around AU – Dr. Frits Pannekoek Speaks to AU Students

?Students are at the Heart of the University?: Dr. Frits Pannekoek Speaks to AU Students Dr. Frits Pannekoek has served as the president of Athabasca University for the last five years. He was recently kind enough to discuss his role with The Voice. As AU President, Dr. Pannekoek not only serves as the Chairperson of… Read more »

AUSU Update – AUSU Election!

AUSU Election! It’s here! The Election for your 2010-2012 Council. AUSU is looking for interested individuals who believe they can speak for the students of AU. To be eligible, you need to have completed at least one course, and be currently enrolled in a course. Self-nominations will be accepted until February 15th. Voting starts on… Read more »

Dear Barb – Lending Money to Family Can Come at a Price

Dear Barb: My younger brother and I have always been really close until he got married three years ago. My husband and I have never gotten along with his wife. In fact, Melissa seems to have a problem getting along with everyone. Recently Melissa and Jay have gotten into financial difficulties and Jay has approached… Read more »

Around E-Campus – Lee Benson

Lee Benson is a Course Maintenance Clerk in the Office of the Registrar at AU, and has been with the university for almost eight years. ?I started in Examination Services,? Benson says, ?and was there for over four years, and then I started my current position in Course Maintenance about three and a half years… Read more »

From Where I Sit – Pareto’s Principle

It was the mid 1990s when I first heard about Pareto’s Principle. Motivational speaker and multi-millionaire Jim Rohn was in Alberta speaking to the masses. I glommed onto Rohn’s style of speaking: simple, down-home, common sense. I appreciated his ability to distill complex concepts to their essence. Subsequent research showed that in 1906 an Italian… Read more »

AU Options – Consulting a Counsellor

AU Counselling Services provides educational and career planning advice to both current and prospective AU students, as well as offering assistance and learning support to current students. According to the Counselling Services website, ?counsellors can help you clarify your educational and career goals and overcome barriers to your learning; they support you in your studies,… Read more »

Eras in Education – India: Ancient Educational Practices, Part 1

It seems doubtful that any teacher in Canada would deny that an important aspect of education is to mould young people into well-rounded adults. A holistic approach combining practical with interpersonal knowledge is generally espoused by well-meaning educators as well as parents. Yet there are many contradictions because we tend to value production, consumption, and… Read more »

In Conversation With . . . Dinuk Wijeratne, Part I

Dinuk Wijeratne is a prolific composer, a brilliant pianist, and a musical visionary with an aesthetic informed by the Buddhist principle of balance. With a sensibility honed by one of the best musical educations?both academic and autodidactic?imaginable, Wijeratne is now welcoming the quiet of his newfound home in Nova Scotia as an opportunity to focus… Read more »

Student Awards – Laurence Decore Award for Student Leadership

The Laurence Decore award is a $500 bursary that recognizes students for their ?outstanding dedication and leadership to fellow students and to their community.? The AU winner must be an Alberta resident (the award is funded by the Alberta government) currently enrolled in three or more AU courses. The winner will be selected based on… Read more »

CAN Fund

While all eyes are on the spectacle and excitement of the winter games in Vancouver, It’s easy to forget the struggles many Canadian athletes go through just to scrape together the money to compete. Sometimes, after years of training, dreams of representing Canada are shattered over something as simple as the cost of plane fare…. Read more »

International News Desk – At Home: Canada’s aging population could strain GDP – In Foreign News: Grade 10 students could head straight to college

At Home: Canada’s aging population could strain GDP Mention Canada’s aging population and many people immediately think of the extra toll it will put on services like health care. But in a recent report, the federal budget watchdog warns of another sector that could be deeply affected: Canada’s gross domestic product. As the CBC reports,… Read more »