Vol. 19 Iss. 10

Volume 19 Issue 10 - 03/11/2011

In Review – Looking Toward Dystopia

More than half of all North Americans believe that one day the Second Coming will occur, signalling the end of the world. About 20 per cent of American Christians believe it will happen in their lifetime. And then there are those of us who don’t expect we’ll get the warning. From super-volcanoes to asteroid extinction,… Read more »

AUSU Update – Convocation 2010; AUSU Executive Election

Convocation 2010 AUSU wishes to congratulate this year’s graduates, whether attending Convocation in person or by distance. We wish you the best of luck in your future pursuits. You are an inspiration to all AU students! AUSU Executive Election AUSU has recently held its internal election for the Executive. We wish to congratulate Barbara Rielly… Read more »

From Where I Sit – Perspective, Perspective, Perspective

Another birthday has come and gone. The day before was spent in the city, but it was relaxed because there was no pressuring to-do list attached to our wanderings. We did the flea market circuit and added some more books to my library. Who wouldn’t love a mint 99-cent copy of the 2010 Giller prizewinner… Read more »

Write Stuff – Under the Covers

I’m no fashionista. My writing wardrobe would give Valentino conniptions and I don’t subscribe to Vogue. But I’ve been following the fashion world closely these days because of the upheaval surrounding John Galliano and the burning question many are asking. Is it acceptable to buy the designer’s clothes in spite of his repugnant personal views?… Read more »

Voix du Maghreb – Grâce Au Génie De Son Peuple, 2e Partie

Entrevue avec Kamal AMARI, militant pour la démocratie en Algérie, ex-syndicaliste, membre fondateur et ex-vice-président de l?association culturelle Tahar Djaout de Tizi N? Berber, actuellement résident permanent au Canada. Un Gouvernement De Transition Démocratique Actuellement, un gouvernement idéal c?est un gouvernement de transition démocratique, formé de démocrates qui ont pour mission de préparer et mettre… Read more »

Did You Know? – ERIC

Education majors will want to enlist the aid of the Education Resources Information Center (ERIC), an ?online digital library of education research and information.? This web resource, which is operated by the US Department of Education’s Institute of Education Sciences, is a fantastic research aid, particularly for students who are in upper-level classes or pursuing… Read more »

Click of the Wrist – Green Me

On March 17, everyone’s a little bit Irish?and for the day, green is definitely the new black, whether in clothing or hair colour or decorations or food. One of the most iconic St. Patrick’s Day celebrations happens in Chicago, whose time-honoured tradition of turning the Chicago River green has been going strong for over 40… Read more »

Green Light – News, Tips, and Tricks for a Healthy Planet

Mardi Gras has passed, and the party’s over for now. It’s time to store the masks and revelry for another year. But what about all the beads and trinkets thrown during the parades? Storing them indefinitely can become inefficient, but sending all that trash to the landfill seems unthinkable. One team in New Orleans has… Read more »