Vol. 19 Iss. 28

Volume 19 Issue 28 - 07/29/2011

AUSU Update – July 29, 2011

AUSU Joins ASEC! On Friday, July 15, AUSU was officially accepted into membership by the Alberta Students? Executive Council. ASEC is a provincial lobby group that now represents students from fourteen post-secondary institutes across Alberta, including schools from five of the six categories described in Alberta’s Post-Secondary Learning Act. ASEC is focused on advocating on… Read more »

Editorial – Faster

Gmail’s down? How is that even legal? Ugh, the DMV website takes forever. Why is YouTube so slow today? The browser on my smart phone is lagging?what a piece of junk. And what’s with my Internet service provider? It’s been down twice in the past two weeks! Sound familiar? Technological ?failure? has always accompanied the… Read more »

The Mindful Bard: Soundtrack for a Revolution

Film: Soundtrack for a Revolution (2010) Genre: Documentary Writers/Directors: Bill Guttentag, Dan Sturman Executive Producer: Danny Glover When you watch old black and white footage of children gladly marching to jail, you get a sense of how bad life really was for African-Americans in the southern US, up to and including the 1960s. It’s hard… Read more »

From Where I Sit – Year of the Mosquito

According to the Chinese zodiac, 2011 is the Year of the Rabbit. The horoscope on the paper placemat from our favourite Chinese restaurant tells us the Rabbit is “talented, ambitious and quite lucky . . . they tend to have very good taste and are somewhat reserved . . . they are admired, trusted and… Read more »

Write Stuff – Digital Dinosaurs

The Rosetta Stone, discovered in Egypt, affords a glimpse of ancient kings and laws. In Scotland, the fragile pages of an 11th-century book bring the past to life through words and vivid illustrations. It’s astonishing to think of how much we’ve learned thanks to the knowledge preserved in these and other works. But with modern… Read more »

Gregor’s Bed – Until the Light Takes Us

Film: Until the Light Takes Us (Variance Films 2010) Genre: Documentary Directors: Aaron Aites, Audrey Ewell In light of the recent tragedy in Norway, It’s instructive to get a glimpse into some of the cultural conditions predating that incident. And since my Mindful Bard recommendation this week discusses the way Negro spirituals and protest songs… Read more »

Did You Know? – AU’s Advising Services

For first-time students, program selection and planning is a significant undertaking. But even if You’re well on your way to earning that degree or certificate, It’s important to revisit and revise your program plan continuously as circumstances and interests change. It’s easy to get bogged down in the confusing swirl of prerequisites, program requirements, and… Read more »

Click of the Wrist – Hot Stuff

The days may be getting shorter, but the temperatures certainly aren’t giving any indication that we’re on our way to December. Air conditioning, shade, cool drinks, or feet in a bucket of water?we’ve all got our preferred methods to beat the heat. What better opportunity to learn a little more about temperatures high and low?… Read more »