Vol. 20 Iss. 01

Volume 20 Issue 1 - 01/06/2012


This editorial first appeared February 11, 2011, in issue 1906. With February 14 just around the corner, the card companies, chocolate manufacturers, and florists are out in full force. With all that comes the inevitable barrage of Valentine?s-related media, ranging from romantic classics marathons on the old movies channel to pop psychology articles encouraging us… Read more »

So You Think You Can Publish?

This article originally appeared May 20, 2011, in issue 1919. So you want to be a writer. Better yet, a published writer. The good news is that you have the power to make that happen?at less expense and to a wider audience than ever. The bad news? Well, that depends on what your version of… Read more »

Fiction – The Dare

This short story first appeared June 24, 2011, in issue 1923. That summer we had started playing capture the flag in the cemetery a lot. Pat and James and I, and some other kids from school: the usual crowd. We’d sneak around and crouch behind the big tombstones late at night, talking on those little… Read more »

In Review – Looking Toward Dystopia

This review first appeared March 11, 2011, in issue 1910. More than half of all North Americans believe that one day the Second Coming will occur, signalling the end of the world. About 20 per cent of American Christians believe it will happen in their lifetime. And then there are those of us who don’t… Read more »

Best of The Voice 2012

Happy New Year! Are you ready for 2012? It’s a big year for The Voice Magazine: 2012 marks our 20-year anniversary, and we’ll be celebrating all year with special content reflecting the past two decades of history that have made The Voice what it is today. And what better way to start off our look… Read more »

From Where I Sit – A State of Mind

This column originally appeared September 16, 2011, in issue 1935. Despite the date (September 7) and the crazy cool, wet summer we’ve had, I just cut some roses in my garden. The scarlet blossom with velvety petals is the stuff of Valentine’s Day ads. The pink ones are the floribunda style typical of hardy Zone… Read more »

Write Stuff – Digital Dinosaurs

This column first appeared July 29, 2011, in issue 1928. The Rosetta Stone, discovered in Egypt, affords a glimpse of ancient kings and laws. In Scotland, the fragile pages of an 11th-century book bring the past to life through words and vivid illustrations. It’s astonishing to think of how much we’ve learned thanks to the… Read more »

The Mindful Bard – The Cuica Story

This article originally appeared December 2, 2011, in issue 1946. ?Happy New Year! The Conjunto Roque Moreira wishes you peace, health, happiness, success, and we hope in 2011 we can go to Canada to show our work to this wonderful country . . . We have news! We begin to record our new CD in… Read more »

Health Matters – Time for Bed

This article originally appeared September 30, 2011, in issue 1937. Sleep: we all crave it. And yet It’s something that many of us have difficulty getting, or at least getting well. This article explores the mystery of sleep, including why It’s so important for health, how to recognize the warning signs of insomnia, and how… Read more »

Study Space – Distract Me

This feature originally appeared March 25, 2011, in issue 1912. Are you a daydreamer? Does your mind constantly wander? Do you think up your best ideas while taking a shower or going for a run? You’re not crazy?and You’re not alone. According to psychologists, certain settings are more conducive to creativity and invention?and It’s not… Read more »

AUSU Update

AUSU congratulates new party leaders! AU students are spread all over Canada and the world, but AU’s funding comes from the Government of Alberta, so It’s important for us, as AU students, to remain aware of political issues in Alberta. Alberta’s political parties have recently undergone some transitions, as both the Progressive Conservative and Liberal… Read more »

Did You Know? – Librivox

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but what about the spoken word? Sometimes, it can be of priceless value?especially when experiencing literary works. If you love audiobooks, have vision issues, or just want to experience literature from a different perspective, be sure to check out the fantastic resources offered by LibriVox, an ?acoustical… Read more »