Vol. 20 Iss. 10

Volume 20 Issue 10 - 03/09/2012

Editorial – The Future of Us

Spring is on its way, which means change is on the horizon. From graduation plans to college applications to standardized tests to the US elections, everyone’s putting a ton of time and effort into the big decisions that will affect the course of their futures. In the meantime, the little actions, the day-to-day interactions, lie… Read more »

Write Stuff – Through the Looking Glass

When you step into your favourite literary world, where do you go? Maybe It’s to a shire full of hobbits and wizards, or to the ominous shores of Shutter Island. But if you like to be carried away by flights of imagination, how far would you go to step through the looking glass—to experience a… Read more »

AUSU Update

ELECTIONS ARE HERE! Want to get involved with your fellow AU students? Gain valuable experience while still serving others? Then AUSU Council might be the place for you! AUSU holds elections every two years to fill nine positions on Council. These nine councillors later select from among themselves an executive group of three (President, VP… Read more »

From Where I Sit – You Can Do It Too

The shopping marathon our family enjoyed during a recent trip to Palm Springs has me thinking about strategy and preparation and dumb luck. Let me explain. Because I’ve lost 42 pounds over the last six months, Goodwill has been the recipient of many pieces of clothing that no longer fit. And That’s a good thing…. Read more »

The Mindful Bard – Portlandia

TV series: Portlandia (Independent Film Channel) Director: Jonathan Krisel Producer: Lorne Michaels Cast: Carrie Brownstein, Fred Armisen ?Portlandia is the city where young people go to retire!? Portlandia We Built This City on Bean Sprouts and Cultural Amnesia Peter and Nance are at their favourite organic restaurant. They want the chicken, but they’re aware, so… Read more »

Health Matters – On Vacation

The long-awaited spring break is just around the corner, and vacation plans are at the top of many students’ minds. Whether You’re taking advantage of travel specials or recharging with a staycation, here are some tips to keep you healthy and happy during your well-deserved break. No one wants to get sick right before a… Read more »

Did You Know? – DegreeWorks

It takes a lot of planning to map out an academic career. But when You’re working with information in several different media, the process can be time-consuming and frustrating. However, the future is promising: AU will soon be launching DegreeWorks, ?a comprehensive academic advising and degree audit solution? that will communicate directly with AU’s internal… Read more »


In order to meet the needs of our student readers, we’re ready to expand our coverage of Athabasca University-specific news, events, and resources. we’re seeking a regular writer who will research and cover these and other, similar topics on a freelance basis. Columns will be paid at the regular freelance rate. Interested applicants can send… Read more »


Here at The Voice we’re taking a holiday, too! The Voice Magazine will be on hiatus from Monday, March 26 to Sunday, April 1. There will be no issue published on March 30, but we’ll be back with more of your favourite columns and topics with the April 6 issue!

Click of the Wrist – March Winds

Last week we started exploring those March winds that will hopefully turn into May flowers later this year. But what else do winds bring? Click through these links and you may find some surprises. Good Health Although windy days are often blamed for aggravating asthma and lowering our immunity, some winds may be beneficial to… Read more »