Vol. 20 Iss. 14

Volume 20 Issue 14 - 04/13/2012

Broad Minds Think Small, Part I – Cluttered To The Bone

The Jeep had been stolen, Reno finally admitted. Natalie and I were halfway across America by that point. We had been thumbing our way across the continent, our last hurrah as reckless teenagers. Reno and Penny had picked us up in Fox Creek, Arizona?a modern-day Bonnie and Clyde, but with less sex appeal. On day… Read more »

From Where I Sit – Cancun or Bust

As I write this, I’ve just consummated my first Kijiji sale. And it feels good. It couldn’t have happened without my daughter-in-law, Carrie. She’s a pro?and more conveniently located than our farm, which is a hundred kilometres from Edmonton. No one will travel that distance for anything but the biggest items. Carrie offered her help,… Read more »

AUSU Update – AUSU Elections Results

ELECTION RESULTS! AUSU Elections were held March 3-6, 2012, and 17 candidates appeared on the ballot. Thank you to all who ran, and all who voted! The nine candidates who have been elected to form the 2012-2014 AUSU Council are: Wendy Barnard, Bethany Tynes, James Ramsbottom, Evan Schmidt, Ashley Charlton, Toni Fox, Kim Newsome, Jason… Read more »

The Mindful Bard – Project Nim

Film: Project Nim (2011) Director: James Marsh Genre: Documentary ?The insufferable arrogance of human beings to think that Nature was made solely for their benefit, as if it was conceivable that the sun had been set afire merely to ripen men’s apples and head their cabbages.? Cyrano de Bergerac How do you make a sociopath?… Read more »

Write Stuff – Guidestones

A mysterious monument. Whispers of a conspiracy. Grisly murders and a search for clues. It’s the stuff of darkened theatres, the type of thing we love to sit back and enjoy. But what if you could join the search?and never be quite sure how much is real and how much is pure invention? Guidestones, an… Read more »

Course Exam: CRJS 495

Athabasca University’s newest criminal justice offering, CRJS 495: Sex Crimes, delves into the study of possibly the most damaging criminology: sexual crimes. A three-credit course in the social sciences, the course ?provides both a theoretical and behavioural analysis of common sexual crimes,? says course professor Dr. Mark Nesca. Dr. Nesca feels that CRJS 495 ?will… Read more »

In Conversation With . . . Paul Leighton, Part I

Paul Leighton is a Diversity Fellow and a Technology Fellow in the Department of Sociology, Anthropology, and Criminology at the University of Eastern Michigan. He has co-authored a number of important books on crime and violence, including Class, Race, Gender and Crime (see his blog here). He’s often quoted by major media outlets in the… Read more »

Did You Know? – Google Art Project

Searching for artistic inspiration?or the chance to relax while examining works of art? Whether you prefer the Louvre (Paris), the Museum of Modern Art (New York), or the Museum of Islamic Art (Qatar), there’s a world of exploration available right at your fingertips with Google’s new Art Project. And you don’t even need to leave… Read more »

Click of the Wrist – Get Rid of It

Decluttering? Downsizing? Filling up a giant dumpster with stuff we don’t need is a great feeling, but It’s not very planet-friendly. There are countless organizations and companies to which you can bring or mail your unneeded items and make a few dollars or enrich the lives of people who aren’t as fortunate. Here’s a small… Read more »

Letters to the Editor – We Love to Hear from You!

We love to hear from you! Send your questions and comments to voice@voicemagazine.org, and please indicate if we may publish your letter. Correction Re: ?Gregor’s Bed: Ensemble Polaris, Uncharted Waters? by Wanda Waterman, v20i11 (2012-03-16) Recently The Voice Magazine published a review of the new Ensemble Polaris album, Uncharted Waters. We apologize to guest percussionist… Read more »