Vol. 20 Iss. 18

Volume 20 Issue 18 - 05/11/2012

Tunisian Travels, Part I

Recently Wanda Waterman spent several weeks in Tunisia, where she crossed half the country, visited several cities and villages, and stayed with a traditional Tunisian family. This article series chronicles her adventures and experiences in the Maghreb. Arrival in the Capital In Tunis the night air is an energizing sea breeze from the nearby Mediterranean,… Read more »

From Where I Sit – At Least My Head didn’t Explode

I’m happy to report that my head did not explode this past weekend. Trust me, it was a real possibility. The New England Journal of Medicine would have been quick to report the phenomenon. I can see the headline now: Middle-aged Woman Takes Computer Course; sub-head, Brain Matter Everywhere. For four years I’ve been working… Read more »

Write Stuff – X Marks the Spot

If you’ve ever read a Western, you’ve probably encountered the passage where X marks the spot: the scene where an uneducated character makes his “mark” on a contract (and usually needs someone to point out where to do it). For centuries, good handwriting denoted a certain refinement, a higher level of education and class. But… Read more »

Around AU – Convocation

Most of us are too busy to spend too much time poking around the Athabasca University website. Usually we glimpse only the front page as we log into MyAU in search of the important stuff like our grades, extension registrations, and maybe the Library. However, AU has a lot more dynamic content?including many student resources?that… Read more »

Health Matters – Spring Sprouting

It’s at this time of year?when the warm breeze starts blowing and the sun actually feels warm instead of only looking so?that I find myself thinking about backyard-fresh garden produce. Vine-ripened tomatoes, plump zucchini, an oversized head of lettuce . . . But why wait for the summer months to taste it all? By sprouting,… Read more »

In Conversation With . . . Mak

Mak, an alternative band from Montreal, has shown a startling ability to craft and arrange thoughtful, moving songs that draw on a wide range of musical genres, including jazz, rock, and experimental music. They’ve just released their self-titled debut album to rave reviews. Recently the band’s vocalist, guitarist, and keyboardist Jason MacCormack took the time… Read more »

Did You Know? – Khan Academy

Need a brush-up in your math skills before heading back to university after a long break? Want some extra tutoring in basic finance or accounting to help cope with the demands of your new job? Lost in your university calculus course? Confused about copyright legislation and SOPA/PIPA? Check out Khan Academy, a free web resource… Read more »

Click of the Wrist – Penny for Your Thoughts

With the demise of the Canadian penny, It’s the end of an era. In honour of the lowly cent, this week’s links capture the weird and wonderful of Canadian currency. Twenty The new Canadian $20 bill has raised controversy over its unfamiliar image. The memorial featured, however, is the Vimy Memorial in France?which pays tribute… Read more »

Green Light – Sun Power

Working indoors under artificial lighting isn’t optimal for our health or that of our planet?or our mood, for that matter. But we can’t all move our desks outdoors. That’s why innovator SunCentral is working on a technological breakthrough that could bring sunlight to your workplace. Even if you don’t have a window office. As The… Read more »