Vol. 20 Iss. 07

Volume 20 Issue 7 - 02/17/2012

Editorial – Addicted and I Just Can’t Get Enough

Are you ?addicted? to technology? According to a new study, you probably are?and it may not be your fault. After all, the study found, social media like Twitter is ?as addictive as cigarettes.? How can we fight that kind of power? we’re glued to our ?CrackBerrys.? Married to our iPhones. Obsessed with Angry Birds, Twitter,… Read more »

From Where I Sit – That’s What I See

Have you ever wished you had the house all to yourself? That those people making demands on your time, energy, and patience would take a long walk on a short dock? Those people might be kids, teenagers, spouses, or parents. All the annoying stuff they do is one huge pain in the butt. The toilet… Read more »

AUSU Update – February 2012

ELECTIONS ARE HERE! Want to get involved with your fellow AU students? Gain valuable experience while still serving others? Then AUSU Council might be the place for you! AUSU holds elections every two years to fill nine positions on Council. These nine councillors later select from among themselves an executive group of three (President, VP… Read more »

The Mindful Bard – Page One: Inside the New York Times

Film: Page One: Inside the New York Times (Magnolia Films 2011) Director: Andrew Rossi Screenwriters: Kate Novack, Andrew Rossi ?We must adjust to changing times and still hold to unchanging principles.? Jimmy Carter When Dinosaurs Roamed the Earth and Were Suddenly Forced to Compete with Bloggers for Food Print media is expensive to put together…. Read more »

Maghreb Voices – Algerie Algeria

Album: Djamel Aissa, AlgĂ©rie Algeria (Musiques traditionelles de Kabylie) (2012) In my series ?Power, Poetry, and Popular Dissent in Algeria,? I talked about the 1980 popular uprising sparked by the Algerian government’s refusal to allow a conference on Berber poetry in the city of Tizi Ouzou. This event is now seen as the seed that… Read more »

Did You Know? – Project Gutenberg Canada

You’re probably aware of Project Gutenberg, an online resource which provides free access to literary works that have passed into the public domain. But did you know that there’s a Canadian equivalent, Project Gutenberg Canada? The mission of Project Gutenberg Canada is to make freely available Canadian-specific content that is in the public domain. In… Read more »

Click of the Wrist – 21-2-12

You’re probably aware that Tuesday is Mardi Gras?a fabulous festival. But you may not have realized that the 21st marks a lesser-known, but equally fascinating event: 21-2-12 is a palindrome date. For English lovers, word nerds, and anyone else fascinated by the world of palindromes, these links are for you. Let the good times roll!… Read more »