Vol. 22 Iss. 05

Volume 22 Issue 5 - 01/31/2014

Health Matters – Weight Loss, Part II

If your diet and exercise resolutions got off to a bad start you can always get back on the healthy living wagon and begin again. But what if you’ve been working hard at eating properly and exercising, and still aren’t seeing results? Last week we looked at two factors that might be keeping you from… Read more »

The Writer’s Toolbox – Bits and Pieces

Got a grammar or usage question? A quick Google search will yield helpful results. Or rather, they would be helpful?if you could understand them. And That’s the problem. It’s difficult to improve your writing when You’re unclear on the basics the Internet grammar gurus are presuming. You can hardly be expected to get excited about… Read more »

Primal Numbers – Citizen Scientist

Have you ever imagined yourself stumbling across a rare scientific find? Maybe the fossilized missing link in human evolution, or proof that alien spaceships have visited Earth. Well, you might not discover something that exciting, but science has plenty of ways for you to contribute to ongoing studies. The only question is, should researchers really… Read more »

Dear Barb

Dear Barb: I am a 35 year old man with a wife and two young kids. I’ve been out of school since high school, working at dead end jobs. My wife works part time and is quite busy with the kids. I have mentioned to my wife that I would like to return to school… Read more »

Gregor’s Bed – A Playlist Without Borders

Album: A Playlist Without Borders Artist: Yo-Yo Ma with the Silk Road Ensemble The new electronic independence re-creates the world in the image of a global village. -Marshall McLuhan Does the state of the world today sometimes get you down? Does the quest for world peace look more and more like a dark tunnel sparked… Read more »

Top 10 Reasons to Love the Planner

The middle of winter is a good time to make plans for the upcoming year. I like to ponder the year ahead, keep track of where I am now, and consider which courses to take next. So it was with great delight I received my 2014 Student Planner and AUSU Handbook in the mail last… Read more »

Editorial – The Third Law of Unintended Consequences

The brouhaha about the call centre continues to simmer. Most recently, the Athabasca Advocate published a letter from AUSU on the issue, which points out that not only have the students repeatedly contacted them with concerns about the change to the call-centre, despite the assertions of GSA President, Amanda Nielsen, that students are in favor… Read more »

Click of the Wrist – Super Bowl Companion

This Sunday It’s all about the game. Whether You’re keen on sports, prefer the commercials, or just like the excuse to gorge on game day food, consider this your Super Bowl companion. Drag your laptop to the couch and click through these links while You’re waiting for the next play: The Football Code So maybe… Read more »

AUSU Update

Dear Members, You may have recently seen information on the internet speculating about the future of Athabasca University. These reports suggest that the Alberta government may broker a merger between AU and University of Alberta, and that this may result in drastic changes to the services and programs offered to students AU students. We want… Read more »

Did You Know

Every other year, AUSU holds its election to determine who the members of the next student council will be. These positions are part time for regular council members, but three of the elected members will be chosen from within the group to serve as the executive, the president, vice-president external and vice-president finance & administration…. Read more »

International News Desk

At Home: Law Societies Arguing about Faith Based Law School Trinity Western University is proposing a law program that could split the law profession across the country, reports the Globe and Mail. At issue is the university’s policy against same-sex relations, in a time when issues surrounding equality are increasingly coming to litigation. In most… Read more »