Vol. 23 Iss. 16

Volume 23 Issue 16 - 04/17/2015

Minds We Meet – Interviewing Gonzo!

Gonzo Moreno is an AU student living in Ottawa, Ontario. He’s a Manager of Business Development for LightSquared, a satellite communications company, and has worked there for the past 13 years. Gonzo is in the Business Administration program at AU and began his final course in March. Gonzo was recently interviewed by The Voice Magazine… Read more »

The Editors – An Interview with the History of The Voice

A Students’ Union general meeting for April 21st has entered the consciousness of much of The Voice Magazine staff and readership. In this meeting, the Students’ Union will propose the replacement of The Voice Magazine with the ever-nebulous Writer In Residence. To the dismay of many, Tamra Ross, former Editor in Chief of The Voice… Read more »

It’s All About the Benjamins

Students and AUSU Members may not be aware, because it was only announced on April 8th, that in addition to the Annual General Meeting, there is also a regular AUSU Council Meeting being held next Tuesday. Usually, AUSU Council announces public meetings to the members, at least on their website, so that students have the… Read more »

Dear Barb – Defeating the Drama

Dear Barb: I can’t believe my sister did it again! She ruins every special occasion and she just ruined Easter! She is so self centered that if all the attention is not on her she makes a big fuss. I feel sorry for my parents as they try to accommodate everyone. I have two other… Read more »

From Where I Sit – Can’t Let It Happen

As I write this I’ve just returned from dinner at my mom’s. It was Easter Sunday as celebrated by Orthodox Ukrainians. My day began very early. I was up at 5:30 to get to church by 6:30 for the culmination of the Easter services and the annual blessing of the baskets. It has been a… Read more »

The Writer’s Toolbox – Write On

There’s a chance this may be the final issue of The Voice Magazine?the final in a run That’s lasted more than two decades and that has given readers a wonderful glimpse into the lives and interests of their fellow students. A run, too, That’s helped launch the careers of several former Voice writers, and has… Read more »

The Travelling Student – Landing in Sydney

My name is Philip Kirkbride. I’m a college graduate from Ontario studying at AU. I’ve always wanted to do an exchange program or study abroad but never found the right time to do so. This is the story of how Athabasca University has allowed me to create my own study abroad program. In the last… Read more »

Primal Numbers – Human Satnav

Forget about self-driving cars. How about satnav-guided people? In the latest melding of human and machine, German scientists have developed a way to use electrodes on people’s legs to guide them to their destination. The idea might have some practical uses, but it could also steer things in the wrong direction. The technology itself is… Read more »

In Conversation with Tumbleweed Wanderers

Tumbleweed Wanderers deliver an original incarnation of soulful folk rock from the San Francisco Bay area. Starting out as buskers, their career was accelerated by their own creativity and artistic discipline, and they soon found themselves a popular stage presence at clubs and festivals. Their soon-to-be-released album, Realize, is a rich, multilayered tapestry of the… Read more »

Music Review – Child of Fire

Album: Child of Fire Artist: Sky White Tiger I grew up with the sounds of Moby, Love Inc., and Radiohead. The one thing that I loved about these artists was the surreal combination between the moody electronic effects and unearthly singing. Even to this day, when I need music to spark a creative idea, listen… Read more »

The Mindful Bard – Coming Forth By Day

Album: Coming Forth by Day Artist: Cassandra Wilson “They would not let me sing, But now we’re all alone, facing the west.” – Cassandra Wilson, from “Last Song (for Lester)” On April 7, the hundredth anniversary of Billie Holiday’s birth, the husky-throated Cassandra Wilson released an album that pays Billie a singular honour: it manifests… Read more »

A Writer’s Education

Going to school to write, if you believe what is readily available on social media, is a complete and utter waste of time and resources. As I have been working through my courses I have found it comforting to find that a majority of the authors I am studying went to school to write, or… Read more »

Editorial – The Last Word?

It may be that this is the last issue of The Voice Magazine that will be published. If AUSU Council gets its way, there will be nothing to grant the Voice Magazine any funding or any autonomy. Instead there will be a single “Writer In Residence” which will replace all the different perspectives brought by… Read more »

Make Sure Your Voice is Heard!

Time is running out! AUSU’s Annual General Meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, April 21, at 5:30 MST. Have you registered yet? If not, drop everything?yes, even this magazine?and e-mail ausu@ausu.org to register. Make sure your voice is heard. AUSU’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) is your opportunity to hear what student council has been doing on… Read more »

Athabasca E-Book Pilot Project

Are e-books the future? While this question has certainly been looked at in the past, the fact that Athabasca is considering bringing in an e-book option for online courses makes the issue again pertinent. For one of my current courses I was invited to participate in an Athabasca University trial project for use of e-books…. Read more »

Student Sizzle! – AU Social Media

AUSU Student Forums In the General Student Chat forum, user “ileibel” seeks help understanding the discussion forum assignment for ENGL 255. AthaU Facebook Group Karl (The Voice Editor) posts that The Voice Magazine may soon be disappearing. JoAnne challenges group members to post one concern in 20 words or fewer. A different Karl wonders why… Read more »

Did You Know? – You Can Help Save The Voice!

If You’re currently taking an under-graduate course from AU and You’re not in a graduate program, you can attend, speak, and vote on the motions at AUSU’s AGM on April 21st, 2015 at 5:30 pm. The meeting is held by teleconference on a toll free number, or through your computer headset and microphone. Contact ausu@ausu.org… Read more »

AUSU Update

This space is provided free to AUSU: The Voice does not create or edit this content. Contact ausu@ausu.org with questions or comments about this page. IMPORTANT DATES – April 3-6: Easter Weekend ? AU & AUSU closed – April 10: Last day to register for courses starting May 1 – April 21: AGM & AUSU… Read more »