Vol. 23 Iss. 06

Volume 23 Issue 6 - 02/06/2015

Meeting the Minds – Dr. Jon Dron

Marie: You’re an award winning professor for a Teaching Fellowship? What do you think were the forefront variables that led to you being the recipient? Dr. Dron: I was among the relatively early recipients of a National Teaching Fellowship, a lifelong award given yearly by the Higher Education Academy in the UK to a small… Read more »

Primal Numbers – Hands Off

In this age of constant connectivity, it can be hard not to take your work home with you. Cell phones and the Internet blur the boundary between home and office, and many bosses expect employees to respond at all hours of the day. But would you be willing to let your job literally get under… Read more »

The Study Dude – Writing Essays for Dummies, II

There is nothing more that The Study Dude wants for you than to start paraphrasing at least 50% more in all of your essays. Well, in these articles, as The Study Dude, I’ll try to give you the study tips you need to help make your learning easier. I’ll also give you straight and honest… Read more »

From Where I Sit – Before it’s Too Late

When a grandson is five you know time is short. Very soon he’ll be joining the ranks of the fulltime student and life will never be the same again. Our boy, Grady, is already busy with hockey practices and games, swimming lessons, two days of kindergarten per week, play dates, and parties. No doubt, summer… Read more »

The Travelling Student – Welcome to Quebec

My name is Philip Kirkbride. I’m a college graduate from Ontario studying at AU. I’ve always wanted to do an exchange program or study abroad but never found the right time to do so. This is part fifteen in the story of how Athabasca University has allowed me to create my own study abroad program…. Read more »

The Career Path – Wholesale 101

One of my aims as a Voice writer is to groom AU students for entrepreneurial activity or, on a smaller scale, money-making initiatives to help offset costs of university and daily living. In light of this objective, I recently scoured the pages of a book titled Wholesale 101, by Jason A. Prescott, that provided ammunition… Read more »

Music Review – Foreign Lands

Artist: First You Get The Sugar Album: Foreign Lands I first came across the band First You Get The Sugar while I was driving home after writing an exam last November. Typically, when I hear a band on the radio and try to make a mental note to look them up, I usually end up… Read more »

The Mindful Bard – The Ground Beneath Our Feet

Album: The Ground Beneath Our Feet Artist: The Knights “We strive to play old music like it was written yesterday and inhabit new music in a way That’s familiar and natural. We are serious about having fun. We thrive on camaraderie and friendship. We cultivate a collaborative environment that honors a multiplicity of voices.” –… Read more »

Maghreb Voices – The Smiling Ghosts of Mides, Part IV

(Be sure to read parts I, II, and III of this series.) “Whenever You’re making a movie, especially when You’re writing, you always have self-doubts. I did the first location shooting in Tunisia. I didn’t get everything shot, but I had to get out of there in ten days regardless.” – George Lucas We stop… Read more »

Dear Barb – Think of the Children

Dear Barb: My sister has two small children, ages five and seven, and I feel she is a neglectful parent. She rarely has regular meals for her children and they often go to school without even having breakfast, although she does make them a sandwich for lunch. When I try to talk to her about… Read more »

Editorial – No Duty to Live

The big story in the news this morning is the Supreme Court’s announcement that while the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms gives Canadians a Right to Life, it does not impose upon Canadians a Duty to Live. The context, of course, is the issue of assisted suicide. In brief, the BC Civil Liberties Association… Read more »

Ready for some Re-Orientation?

Athabasca University recently announced the launch of an updated and revised online Undergraduate Student Orientation Aimed primarily at new and prospective students, the Student Orientation Handbook contains a wealth of information for current students, too. The handbook’s structure is similar to an AU online study guide. The chapter titles and subsection headings run down the… Read more »

Student Sizzle! – AU Social Media

AUSU Student Forums In the General Student Chat forum, user “Chasingstars” wonders if there are any AU students living in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Other topics include study partners for HR, and courses ENGL 353 and ORGB 364. AthaU Facebook Group Michelle seeks feedback on course WGST 425, Feminist Family Therapy. Roxie wants to know how… Read more »