Vol. 24 Iss. 17

Volume 24 Issue 17 - 04/29/2016

Minds We Meet – Interviewing Students Like You!

Louise Baptiste is an AU student. Recently, she completed the last course to be finalized for the Bachelor of Nursing degree and was accepted in a master’s degree program. Scott Douglas Jacobsen recently interviewed Louise by e-mail, and here’s what she had to say about near-graduation, master’s degree program acceptance, and being an Indigenous student… Read more »

Music Review – AKA V

Musician: AKA V Single: “Always Go Home” It is always exciting when a young musician embarks on their musical journey. It is even more exciting when they get their feet under them and are ready to share their music with the world. This is the point that AKA V (Vanessa Huneault) is at in her… Read more »

The Fit Student – Self-Reliance

What is self-reliance? Well, the ability to rely on yourself. Self-reliant people have the advantage of always having themselves to turn to when life’s troubles hit or even when life’s highlights shake things up. While relying on others can help us with coping, I used to rely on others for comfort, for decision-making, and for… Read more »

The Study Dude – A Whiff of Data

There is nothing more that The Study Dude wants for you than to collect, analyze?and whiff smells. Well, in these articles, as The Study Dude, I’ll try to give you the study tips you need to help make your learning easier. I’ll also give you straight and honest opinions and personal anecdotes?even the embarrassing ones… Read more »

In Conversation with Joe Salgo from Of Clocks and Clouds

Of Clocks and Clouds is a Brooklyn-based duo comprised of singer-guitarist Joe Salgo and Ross Procaccio. Their music has been praised for guarding what’s good about classic and modern rock while enriching it with an electronic ambience. Better Off, their latest album, will be out July 15. Recently, Joe Salgo was kind enough to answer… Read more »

From Where I Sit – Next Break

This column is coming to you from downtown Red Deer, Alberta. Yet again, I’ve packed up my laptop and some files so I could work in a hotel room while Roy attends a senior’s housing association conference. Deciding what to bring is always a challenge, but I’m getting better at doing that without bringing the… Read more »

Dear Barb – Gifted

Dear Barb: I am the mother of an adult son who has addiction problems. My husband and I have bailed him out of jail many times for drunken behaviour, among other things. He can’t hold a job and is unable to pay his rent most of the time, so we pay it for him because… Read more »

Editorial – Distance in Person

We all know that AU is a distance university. What some might not know, however, is that even as a distance university, AU still runs some “normal” classrooms. In partnerships with other universities and colleges, AU has run on-site, grouped study classes for years. It was a very limited offering of courses, usually chosen to… Read more »

You Love Poetry and I Can Prove It!

“If I had my life to live over again, I would have made a rule to read some poetry and listen to some music at least once a week; for perhaps the parts of my brain now atrophied would have thus been kept active through use. The loss of these tastes is a loss of… Read more »

The MA Debate

I have watched many videos, read many articles and blogs, and researched many options in an attempt to decide which master’s degree I want to pursue. Or, do I want to go forward with a master’s degree at all? I suppose the final question is the one that I will have to answer before I… Read more »

Canadian Education News

Alberta education kept afloat via borrowing Alberta education will remain intact in spite of low oil prices through a deficit. School councils and parents expressed concern about the funding for students because of the downturn in the Alberta economy, but the budget will increase from by 4.3% from the previous year to $7.9 billion. The… Read more »

Women of Interest – Margaret Lally “Ma” Murray

Margaret Lally “Ma” Murray was born in Kansas in 1888 and died September 25, 1982. Margaret came to Canada in search of a cowboy to marry; instead she met and married newspaper publisher George Murray. Margaret joined George as co-editor and publisher of a number of popular publications including The Chinook in Vancouver, B.C., The… Read more »

Student Sizzle! – AU Social Media

AthaU Facebook Group Xtina seeks insight on the difference between the 3- and 4-year Bachelor of Management programs. Colleen attempts to gauge interest in an online used textbook database. Nicole wonders if she can switch a current exam request to UProctor. Billy announces a new Facebook page for AU Information Systems students. Other posts include… Read more »

AUSU Update!

This space is provided free to AUSU: The Voice does not create or edit this content. Contact ausu@ausu.org with questions or comments about this page. IMPORTANT DATES – April 29: May course extension deadline – April 30: Deadline to apply for 2016 Convocation – May 6: Deadline to complete coursework for Convo?16 – May 10:… Read more »