Vol. 24 Iss. 43

Volume 24 Issue 43 - 11/11/2016

Remembrance Day Made Real

When I was seventeen I had an opportunity to travel with some of my class to Europe. The trip was organized so students could attend the 60th anniversary of D. Day at Juno beach. I remembered watching advertisements about the celebration a year before the events; I thought how amazing it would be to attend,… Read more »

In Conversation with Mouths of Babes

Mouths of Babes is an Americana folk duo made up of Ingrid Elizabeth (formerly of Coyote Grace) and Tylan Greenstein (formerly of Girlyman). Their recordings and live appearances have won passionate praise from across the continent. they’re currently working on their first full-length album, Brighter in the Dark, due for release early next year and… Read more »

The Creative Spark! – Musical Essays

Do you ever go trance-like while studying? Such crazy states are called flow. And I want you to feel flow?with music with no sound: musical essays. To make a musical essay, mix together metaphors, rhythm, and meter. But first, listen for the symphony in Brian Greene’s Elegant Universe?hear where “microscopic particles engag[e] in a pointless… Read more »

The Study Dude – A Fool’s Paradise

There is nothing more that The Study Dude wants for you than to write a cause-and-effect essay on coca cola and gas. Well, in these articles, as The Study Dude, I’ll try to give you the study tips you need to help make your learning easier. I’ll also give you straight and honest opinions and… Read more »

From Where I Sit – Precious Insight

I am now back at my desk and back in my ’real life’ after a weeklong retreat. In late October, I travel the 500 kilometres to our timeshare unit in Canmore for a period of relaxation, reflection, and, hopefully, a boatload of work. It’s a comfortable space of about 365 square feet, but, over the… Read more »

Dear Barb – Remembering PTSD

Dear Barb: I guess I have more of a comment than a question. As Remembrance Day is approaching I think about my grandfather, who was a soldier in the war. He passed away a few years ago, as did my grandmother. My mother often told stories about how difficult it was for her family after… Read more »

Editorial – The Unexpected

One of the interesting things about democracy is that, being based on people, It’s never entirely predictable. The United States demonstrated that handily a few days ago, blowing all my predictions out of the water, and now the world is waiting to see what the results of that vote will eventually cause. This isn’t made… Read more »

Turning Poppies into Education

When you dropped some money into a poppy donation box this month, did you stop to wonder where that money goes? Did you know that, if you are the child, grandchild, or great-grandchild of a veteran, and are in financial need, some of that money could end up in your own pocket? In Canada, poppies… Read more »

November is Canada Career Month

This month marks the first ever Canada Career Month. This new awareness month, sponsored by the Canadian Council for Career Development, is to discuss the issues in the current Canadian workplace in regional and national levels. The theme for the entire month is “Career Development Matters and Everyone has a Role to Play” but there… Read more »

Scholarship of the Week

Scholarship name: The Live Your Dream Awards Sponsored by: Soroptimist International of the Americas Deadline: November 15, 2016 Potential payout: various amounts up to $10,000 Eligibility restriction: Applicants must be women who are the primary financial support in their household. Full eligibility requirements here. What’s required: A completed application form, including financial information and a… Read more »

Women of Interest – Julia C. Stimson

Julia C. Stimson was born in Worcester, Massachusetts on May 26, 1881, and died in 1948 in Poughkeepsie, New York. In 1920, Julia Stimson, one of the most significant nursing leaders of her era, was the first woman to be given the rank of major in the United States Army. In World War 1 she… Read more »

Student Sizzle! – AU Social Media

AthaU Facebook Group Mary posts a list of AU Communications course textbooks for sale. Veronica seeks info on the ANTH 402 field project. Megan is recruiting participants for a research project for ANTH 390. Other posts include Terminator movies, late bloomers, studying while parenting, and courses BIOL 235, CMNS 380, MATH 216, PSYC 426, and… Read more »

AU-Thentic events

Ottawa Meet & Greet Sunday, November 13, 5:00 to 6:00pm EST Bier Markt, 156 Sparks St, Ottawa, Ontario In person Hosted by Athabasca University’s Students’ Union https://www.ausu.org/event/ottawa-meet-greet/ No pre-registration necessary. Just show up and maybe score some swag! AU Faculty of Graduate Studies Presentation: “What do Grounded Theory and Stand-up comedy have in common?” Tuesday,… Read more »

From the PSE News Desk

Strange Brew for Uni Class Project. Commerce students at New Brunswick’s Mount Allison University have brewed up their dream job. According to a CBC News article, a class project has them setting up and running a nano brewery. Students are so committed to the venture, they’ll continue this project into the next semester. Licensing for… Read more »

AUSU Update!

This space is provided free to AUSU: The Voice does not create or edit this content. Contact services@ausu.org with questions or comments about this page. IMPORTANT DATES – Nov 13: Ottawa Meet & Greet – Nov 15: December degree requirements deadline – Nov 30: December course extension deadline – Dec 10: Deadline to register in… Read more »

Help A Fellow Student Out!

Are you a mom? And are or were you a student within the last two years? If both, I hope you can spare 10-15 minutes to take a survey that will help me research how student moms balance those two different roles, navigate the challenges of them, and help me find common themes in the… Read more »