Vol. 25 Iss. 01

Volume 25 Issue 1 - 01/06/2017

Minds We Meet! – Interviewing Students Like You!

Amanda Gillis is an AU student and a life-long resident of Calgary AB. She is in the Bachelor of Arts program at AU with a double major in History and Anthropology. Ultimately, Amanda plans to be an elementary school teacher. The Voice Magazine recently interviewed Amanda, and here’s what she had to say about school,… Read more »

The Fit Student – Managing Your Mind

Standing on the scale, I hit my target weight. Yet nothing feels different. I long to have that high?that feeling of exhilaration?that is supposed to happen when you skinny down. So, I aim for a lower weight?that is until I feel weak and lifeless, until I see a picture of a boney dying soul that… Read more »

Course Exam – English 255 – Introductory Composition

Adien Dubbelboer, an instructor in the English Centre for Humanities in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, is the Academic Coordinator for Effective Writing and the Course Coordinator for English 255, Introductory Composition. She was kind enough to set some time aside from her busy schedule to speak to The Voice Magazine about the… Read more »

The Travelling Student – A Night on the Town

Update: It’s been a while since I’ve sent in a travelling student article as my schedule got a bit hectic. A lot has happened since and I’ve had the chance to continue my travels in Thailand, Alaska, Quebec for a French immersion program, and Newfoundland where I recently finished a semester as a visiting student…. Read more »

The Writer’s Toolbox – Writing Outdoors

Have you ever been possessed by the glorious desire to commune with nature in a writing retreat outdoors? Of course you have. What could be more peaceful, more fulfilling, more conducive to the flow of ideas than an afternoon spent writing in the quiet of the woods? Uh, maybe an afternoon spent writing indoors in… Read more »

Music Review – The Butcher Knives

Musician: Butcher Knives Album: Misery Throughout my studies at Athabasca University I have been encouraged to approach the world just a little bit differently and with an open and flexible understanding. I have spent hours mulling over a philosophical concepts originating from a culture much different from my own, determining the significant differences between an… Read more »

From Where I Sit – Can’t Wait to Start

we’re now four months into 2016. If, like me, you began the year with a pristine new planner, how’s it looking now? Are there entries for every day? Is it serving your life and your purpose? Is it a glorified daily to-do list? Is it a record of your life for posterity? Planners are available… Read more »

Dear Barb – Down on the Farm

Dear Barb: I grew up in a farming family, three previous generations of farmers. So it was always expected that me and my brother would become farmers. My brother is heading in that direction, but I chose to go to university instead. My parents are heartbroken that I did not choose farming. I can tell… Read more »

Editorial – Getting Off to a Good Start

One more trip around the sun complete, we again take a moment to take a look at our lives, see our many faults, and vow to do better. It seems odd that we’d reserve such behavior for a single day each year, in the depths of winter when the nights are near their longest. Maybe… Read more »

Truth & Reconciliation – Will Your Next University Program Have a First Nations’ Content Requirement?

During a recent research project on students’ unions in Canada I came upon a motion passed by the University of Saskatchewan Students’ Union (USSU): [Be it resolved] that the University of Saskatchewan Students’ Union call on the University of Saskatchewan to commit to implementing Indigenous content into the curriculum of every University of Saskatchewan College… Read more »

Fly on the Wall – The Chattering Class

While walking for a study break I looked up and noticed five squirrels silently scampering along a mesh of branches above my head. After hearing so much spring squirrel ruckus in recent weeks their stealthy passage came as a surprise. “Hmm,” I thought, “perhaps I’m seeing another side of squirrels.” Maybe all conflict contains more… Read more »

The Girl in the Pink Sweater

I see this girl, wearing the pink sweater. I look at the freckles and big eyes and remember growing up in an average small town and in an average family. That seemed like such a long time ago, but even now some of those memories of what she went through make my muscles tense and… Read more »


I still remember the feeling when I came home to Grandmas? house after an evening out with friends. The kitchen was softly lit with an under-the-counter fluorescent bulb, displaying a neat and orderly the kitchen. I could hear the low murmur of the television in the next room and I knew Grandma and Grandpa were… Read more »

In Search of Fisherman’s Tea

If you live in Southwestern Nova Scotia and place a “For Sale” sign in the window of a car parked in your dooryard, be prepared to provide the Bluenose Tea Ceremony to any potential buyers, especially buyers from the more traditional cultures here?the African Canadian, the Mi?kmaq, the Irish, the Scottish, and the French?who’ve been… Read more »

Interview with the Director – Behind the Scenes at AU Press

Fellow undergraduate students might or might not know about the university press for AU called AU Press. It is an important resource for the representation of the academic and scholarly aspects of the university. Recently, Scott Jacobsen interviewed the acting director and marketing and production coordinator, Ms. Megan Hall. What are the tasks and responsibilities… Read more »

Comic – The Non-Partisan

— This, from the August 12th issue, was the last comic before we started the graphic novel “The Doppelgänger Cure”. So was a contender just because of the significance of that, but what sealed it was the nomination came with the note, “Kinda sums 2016 up.” Happy New Year, folks!

Understanding Our Fear

It seems that often what motives us to do, or not do, something is fear: fear of missing out, fear of heights, fear of danger. Sometimes these fears are justified and keep us from doing things we do not want to do, and will serve no purpose for us. While this topic can be wide… Read more »

Hits and Misses – AUSU’s Annual Report

AUSU’s annual report for 2016 was presented at the Annual General Meeting on April 7, 2016. If you weren’t at the meeting?and I suspect you were not?you missed the official presentation of the report to the membership. Not to worry. You can access the AUSU 2016 Annual Report from AUSU’s website?look for Annual Reports under… Read more »

AUSU Update!

This space is provided free to AUSU: The Voice does not create or edit this content. Contact services@ausu.org with questions or comments about this page. IMPORTANT DATES – Jan 10: Deadline to register in a course starting Feb 1 – Jan 10: AUSU Council Meeting – Jan 13: February degree requirements deadline – Jan 15:… Read more »