Vol. 25 Iss. 28

Volume 25 Issue 28 - 07/14/2017

Minds We Meet – Diana Longman, Recent Graduate

Diana Longman recently finished her Bachelor of Professional Arts: Communications degree through AU. Born in Fort McMurray, she has lived in Spruce Grove, Alberta, a small city just outside of Edmonton since she was a small child. She enjoys travelling far distances and has been lucky to travel to New Zealand, Japan, and many places… Read more »

The Fit Student – Warp Speed the Mormon Way

What if you could warp speed toward success? I mean, go from student to celebrity overnight? Well, it’s possible. Shane Snow shows how in his book Smartcuts. He tells how game developers create “Warp Tunnels”?holes hurling players from world to world?in a flash. Why? For debugging purposes. So, warp tunnels exist in games, says Snow…. Read more »

Fly on the Wall – Brick & Mortar Domestication

Studying on a summer day is not everyone’s glass of ice tea. We at AU may be elite at managing our time, but July heat can drive a wall between our studious desires to further our education and our carnal drives to go out and play. At such moments, It’s helpful to reflect on the… Read more »

Technical Observations – Interlude

I am going to digress from our series on browsers and get into something a little more practical. As AU students, we probably rely on technology more than other university students. So it becomes crucial that our school files are properly backed up and ready in an instant if the need arises. I have heard… Read more »

In Conversation with Neil Cowley

Neil Cowley is a British pianist-composer with a large cult following. He’s sometimes described as the “most heard” pianist on the planet right now because of his piano work on Adele’s recordings. His own compositions, recorded with the aid of the brilliant Neil Cowley Trio, are milestones of innovation and beauty, his piano style moves… Read more »

The Creative Spark! – Read Out Loud

“The most productive writers typically write several times a week for one to three hours per session” (Hartley and Braithwaite, 1989; Kellog, 1994 as cited in Sword, 2017). And I thought it took 10,000 hours to write like a star. Whew. But how do you write like a hero? Well, write in any way that… Read more »

Dear Barb – Bottling the Tension

Dear Barb: We have some friends that we hang out with occasionally and lately I’ve noticed some tension between them. When we get together we often go to an event and have some drinks. The last couple of times we went out I’ve noticed that Brig seems to be monitoring how much alcohol Cindy is… Read more »

Editorial – The Burning Question

For students affected by the wildfires in BC, like those in Fort MacMurray before, Athabasca University is offering help in the form of free extensions or exam rebooking fees, free replacement of materials, and even allowing full refunds for students who decide they’ll need to withdraw from their studies for a time while they sort… Read more »

BC’s Wildfires

In the southern interior of BC wildfires are raging. There have been, according to recent reports, about 10,000 people evacuated from their homes. What makes this so difficult to fight is that there are so many fires, it isn’t a single blaze that is threatening but several, meaning resources are being spread across the province…. Read more »

My Friendly Neighbourhood Invigilator

Driving home from my most recent AU exam, I reflected on how lucky I am in my choice of invigilator. Because I’ve used the same invigilator for around a dozen AU exams, the process is familiar and stress-free. And stress-free is what I need on exam day! My current invigilator wasn’t my first choice. For… Read more »

Traditional Condiments in Non-traditional Uses

The season of outdoor barbeques comes with a few obligatory condiments. But what happens when the guests go home and the inside of your fridge door is congested with litres of unused condiments? Either you can use it once in a blue moon or you can maximize its potential with some of these handy tips…. Read more »

Women of Interest – May Britt Moser

May Britt Moser was born January 4, 1963, in Fosnavag, Norway. She is a psychologist and neuroscientist who, along with her then husband, shared half of the 2014 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for their work on grid cells and neurons. Being aware of a person’s location and the ability to find their way… Read more »

Scholarship of the Week

Scholarship name: Scholarship of Academic Excellence Sponsored by: Monica’s Health Magazine Deadline: August 30, 2017 Potential payout: $2500 USD Eligibility restriction: Open to students worldwide. Applicants must be enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate program at an accredited university or college. See the Application and Award Eligibility section for full eligibility criteria. What’s required: An… Read more »

Student Sizzle! – AU Social Media

AthaU Facebook Group Manuela talks about her first ProctorU exam and notes that the no washroom rule had her dancing on her seat, and not from joy. The conversation ranged from how the exams could be made better, to AU’s credibility, and even to their accommodation for third world countries where internet is not as… Read more »

AUSU Update!

This space is provided free to AUSU: The Voice does not create or edit this content. Contact services@ausu.org with questions or comments about this page. IMPORTANT DATES Jul 14: August degree requirements deadline Jul 31: Deadline to apply for course extension for Sept Aug 8: AUSU Council Meeting Aug 10: Deadline to register in a… Read more »