Vol. 26 Iss. 37

Volume 26, Issue 37 - 09/21/2018

Meeting the Minds—Jodi Campbell, Executive Director of AUSU

Jodi Campbell is the Executive Director of the Athabasca University Students’ Union.  Originally from BC, he grew up in the Lloydminster area and eventually moved to Edmonton in 2002 where he attended MacEwan University and graduated from the School of Business in 2006.  He started working for MacEwan University as a Consultant/Advisor for the School… Read more »

Porkpie Hat—Drifting on the Ocean’s Edge

A few years ago, I found myself walking along an empty beach on a remote stretch of the northern coast of British Columbia.  The snow-capped peaks of Alaskan mountains seemed just a pebble’s throw away.  To the west was the dim, spectral blue-grey haze of the Haida Gwaii islands.  Beyond that, only Japan. But I… Read more »

The Not So Starving Student—A Tribute to Everything Green Tea

Green tea—an excellent detox agent, bitter but richly flavorful, has now taken the world by storm.  From the dieting and fitness realms to the quirky, hipster cafes that serve matcha flavored desserts, you can find this new fad picking up in various locations and cultures. The Japanese call it matcha, the Chinese call it mocha… Read more »

The Fit Student—Goldilocks Syndrome

Do you thumbs-down dumbbells, treadmills, and hula hoops?  Well, once autoimmune disease strikes, you’ll breathlessly tug on Lulu Lemons—like I did. A year ago, I ate one too many Big Macs.  And my body shut down.  If I slept more than ten hours, I’d crash for twenty hours more.  But if I slept less than… Read more »

Course Exam—INFS 200

INFS 200 (Information Seeking & Society in the Information Age) is a three-credit humanities course that engages students in critical inquiry and research as they use information systems, including the internet, mass media, and libraries, to investigate key issues pertaining to information, knowledge and society in the information age.  The course provides a foundation for… Read more »

Putting the Tech in E-texts

Love it or hate it, e-texts are now a part of AU life. E-texts (short for electronic textbooks) are the 21st century of textbooks: digital, downloadable versions of printed, hardcopy textbooks.  The shift toward e-texts was announced in 2002 as part of AU’s commitment to become “a fully online university”, and, so far, e-texts have… Read more »

How Distance Learning Set Me Up as a Freelancer

Earning my degree through distance gave me the tools to find success in working remotely and in working freelance. While the courses themselves did not relate, directly, to the type of work I am doing now, these courses did give me the skill set I needed to be able to cope with multiple projects and… Read more »

Surviving School Stress

With the school year well underway, students are feeling the pressures of academic life.  Depending on work and study load, family obligations, and present living circumstances, the road to a degree can seem impossible.  However, arming ourselves with a clear stress management plan protects us from stress meltdowns.  Soon we’ll see we can weather the… Read more »

The Creative Spark!—Tweaking Titles for Top Marks

When writing term papers, seek titles that sing, “Something catchy is coming.”  Then tweak those titles until your thumbs stiffen. To craft catchy titles, first master the art of slogan-writing.  Mario Pricken, author of Creative Advertising, shares tips for crafting slogans in bold below: Never snub creative ideas as the best ones need tweaking. At… Read more »

Editorial—And the Award Goes To

I have been informed that I am unpleasant to be around when I am sick. This comes as no surprise, as I find myself quite unpleasant to be around when I am sick and tend to wish I wasn’t around at all.  It also tends to make me work slow and my brain is foggy,… Read more »

AU’s Student Town Hall

When I arrived at the Student Town Hall in Ottawa last week, I knew I was in the right place.  In a room set up for fifty, each of the students already there were sitting as far apart from each other as possible.  AU students, it seems, are so accustomed to their solitary studies that… Read more »

In Conversation—with Hamish Anderson

Electric blues guitarist and singer-songwriter Hamish Anderson calls himself a student of “the three kings:” blues royalty Albert King, B.B.  King, and Freddie King, and in fact Anderson was the last act to open for B.B.  King before the blues icon passed away.  Having moved from his native Australia to Los Angeles to steep himself… Read more »

Student Sizzle

AthaU Facebook Group Katy asks for help interpreting her program requirements in Degreeworks; the consensus is to call an AU advisor ’cause they’re the best!  Niki worries that her online exam wasn’t properly closed during a ProctorU session but is resigned to waiting until Monday to confirm with AU.  Shari’s moving to Washington state and… Read more »

AUSU Update!

This space is provided free to AUSU: The Voice does not create or edit this content. Contact services@ausu.org with any questions. IMPORTANT DATES August 24th: Athabasca Meet & Greet August 31st: AUSU Twitter Giveaway closes September 3rd: AUSU Office is closed for Labour Day September 13th: Public Council Meeting FYi Doctors Discounts FYi Doctor is… Read more »

Scholarship of the Week

Scholarship name:  Hiking Ambition Wellness Scholarship Sponsored by:  Hiking Ambition Deadline:  September 30, 2018 Potential payout:  $1000 Eligibility restriction:  Applicants must be currently enrolled in high school, college, university, or trade school. What’s required:  An email with contact and school info, along with a 500 to 1000-word essay promoting a practical approach to a healthy… Read more »

AU-Thentic Events

Nursing and Health Studies Library Orientation Sat, Sept 22, 11:00 am to 12:00 pm MDT Online Hosted by AU Library library.athabascau.ca/orientations.html No pre-registration required Richard Van Camp’s Final Writer in Residence Talk Miracle Stories Under the Splitting Sky Mon, Sept 24, 3:00 to 4:00 pm MDT Athabasca University, Peace Hills Trust Tower, Room 1112, 10011… Read more »