Vol. 28 Iss. 45

Volume 28, Issue 45 - 11/20/2020

Minds We Meet—Angel Kassem

Who are your fellow students?  It can feel like you are all alone in your studies, but across the nation, around the globe, students like you are also pursuing their AU education, and The Voice Magazine wants to bring their stories to you and vice versa.  If you would like to be featured next, do… Read more »

Fly on the Wall—Sentiments on a Starry Night

Why are we here?  Mars glows red as it traverses a starry abyss with the moon in tow.  Sitting outside on an autumn night, amidst Goliath Mulleins, ideas about meaning bubble to the surface of my mind.  What feelings guide their trail and where do they lead?  Like a zephyr breeze through dried tumbleweeds the… Read more »

Homemade is Better—Hollandaise Sauce

I wrote about the five mother sauces earlier when we looked at mayonnaise, which is really an altered form of the mother sauce hollandaise.  Today, we’ll discuss hollandaise, one of the more popular breakfast sauces.  It doesn’t have to be a breakfast sauce, but that is generally when you see it get used.  Hollandaise is… Read more »

The Creative Spark!—What it Takes to Realize our Dream

Is there something we desperately want?   But what we desire most can either rob us of our humanity or bring us closer to our truest nature. It’s helpful to note what was said by Aaron Sorkin, the screenwriter for The West Wing and The Social Network: “You want to write the character as if they… Read more »

Dear Barb—The Prodigal Father

Dear Barb: I don’t know what to do; after many years my father has contacted me.  He left my mom, me, and my younger brother when we were really young.  My mom raised us as a single mother with no help from him.  He never even contacted us in over 25 years.  We just assumed… Read more »


Our main feature will always be an interview with a fellow student, if I can get it. This week is no exception, as we talk to Angel Kassem, a business student who didn’t at first intend to be taking her business degree but found her AU coursework in the HR field compelling enough to make… Read more »

The Art of Living Together

Humans sit atop the food chain due to our cognitive capabilities and our advanced ability to communicate with one another.  With everything we know about the cognitive and communication sciences, it might lead some to assume that non-domesticated cross-species collaboration is impossible.  It should not be possible for birds and crocodiles or spiders and frogs… Read more »

Why We Must Never Throw Away Keepsakes

I don’t know when the trend of throwing away all my keepsakes began.  But I now know the regret that follows. I read that some people treasure keepsakes, and I never understood why.  But when we cherish a piece of the heart someone left us in form of an object, we can later reflect.  If… Read more »

AUGSA Graduate Student Research Symposium

The Voice Magazine recently had a chance to chat with AU student and AUSU Councillor Katy Lowe about her recent presentation at the AUGSA Graduate Student Research Symposium, her upcoming presentation at the 2020 Virtual Meeting of the American Psychosomatic Society, as well as her future plans. Meet Katy Katy is currently a fourth year… Read more »

Three Virtual Presentation Tips

For students learning to complete presentations online, interviewing for a job, or even starting projects such as a vlog or webinar series, strategies for engaging your virtual audience is a key skill that many of us have started learning since the start of the pandemic. When most of our activities are being completed through online… Read more »

Discounts and Freebies for AU Students

We all know that being a student can be an expensive investment, but did you know that there are lots of discounts and free resources that AU has made available for students? So make sure you are utilizing these resources! Here are my top 5 that I use regularly.  Just click on the title of… Read more »

Student Sizzle!—AU Social Media

AthaU Facebook Group Donna rants about e-texts, particularly the roadblocks to printing out a hard copy; responses suggest many students share that frustration.  Ash encounters difficulty switching tutors; responses suggest contacting Learning Services or the Ombuds Office.  Dustin can’t connect with a former AU email address; a quick response points out the right direction. Other… Read more »

Scholarship of the Week

Scholarship name:  7BinaryOptions.com Scholarship Essay Contest Sponsored by:  7BinaryOptions.com Deadline:  December 15, 2020 Potential payout:  $3000 Eligibility restriction:  Applicants must be students and 16 years of age or older. What’s required:  An email along with a 700-1500 word essay on the topic of “The Goals I Will Achieve in 10 Years.” Tips:  The essay doesn’t… Read more »

AUSU Update

This space is provided free to AUSU: The Voice does not create or edit this content. Contact services@ausu.org with any questions. IMPORTANT DATES Nov 25: AUSU Annual Survey Closes Nov 26: AUSU Virtual Student Social Nov 30: Deadline to apply for course extension for Dec Dec 10: Deadline to register in a course starting Jan… Read more »

AU-Thentic Events

Bannock and a Movie November Edition: The Road Forward Nov 1 to Nov 30 Online Hosted by AU Nukskahtowin indigenous.athabascau.ca/bannock/index.php Access through above link Talk to a Librarian Drop-in Session Tues, Nov 24, 9:00 to 9:30 am MST Online via Microsoft Teams Hosted by AU Library library.athabascau.ca/orientations.html No pre-registration necessary; access through above link PowerED™… Read more »