Vol. 28 Iss. 47

Volume 28, Issue 47 - 12/04/2020

Minds We Meet—Adonica Salter

Who are your fellow students?  It can feel like you are all alone in your studies, but across the nation, around the globe, students like you are also pursuing their AU education, and The Voice Magazine wants to bring their stories to you and vice versa.  If you would like to be featured next, do… Read more »

Fly on the Wall—Two Sides to Every Dilemma

A notorious recent exposition of the vicissitudes implied by post-truth culture is Jeff Orlowski’s documentary titled The Social Dilemma.  At first blush the show elucidates just how far social media has permeated our culture and our consciousness.  Yet, when pressed to describe the problem in words (not only feelings, as would fit the standard definition… Read more »

Homemade is Better—Cheesy Penne

This week we will discuss the bechamel sauce, the third of our mother sauces we are making.  We’ve actually made four of these sauces already, but the brown sauce was not a focus when we made it.  I will write another article on that.  Tomato, espagnole (brown sauce), and bechamel sauce are the heavy hitters,… Read more »

The Study Dude—Hacks & Circumstances for Academic Stardom

University success demands a discipline that we all can learn.  It could be argued that the students who claim honor’s degrees, scoring near-perfect GPAs, have two things going for them: (1) the right circumstances, such as plenty of free time for studies, and (2) mastery of study hacks. Let’s look at some study hacks for… Read more »

Beats from the Basement—Breakaway

Album: Breakaway Artist: Kelly Clarkson When concluding a more personalized series like this, I imagine most writers would choose to leave their favourite—or at least, a deeply sentimental—topic for last.  Considering how virtually every album I’ve discussed here has something either bold or bizarre going for it, my decision probably comes as a surprise to… Read more »

Dear Barb—A Separated Christmas

Dear Barb: As Christmas approaches I have been feeling more down than usual.  I haven’t seen my parents for almost a year and my kids haven’t seen their grandparents.  My parents both suffer from health issues and I don’t want to take the chance and put them at risk.  We are doing zoom visits but… Read more »

Crepe Maker Review

I recently had a craving for crepes and borrowed a crepe marker from my parents.  Little did I know that it would be one of the handiest and space-conserving kitchen appliances I’ve used.  If you’re a fan of changing up your dinner or breakfast routines, crepes are an excellent way to bring flavor to your… Read more »

A Woman’s Guide to Making Ourselves Lovable

I’m pretty sure that the more we focus our thoughts on love, the more lovely we become, and the lovelier others appear in our eyes.  So when another female comes into our vision, fixate on her.  Think to ourselves, “I desire to spend the rest of my life with her.” And then smile and even… Read more »

Student Sizzle—AU Social Media

AthaU Facebook Group Group admin adds a few units to facilitate posts on recurring topics, like e-texts and exams.  Jennifer shares experiences with ProctorU’s tech difficulties during an exam; responses offer similar stories and also suggestions.  Jesse wonders how soon a missed exam must be re-written without having to notify AU; responses suggest the usual… Read more »

AU-Thentic Events

Bannock and a Movie December Edition: Birth of a Family Dec 1 to Dec 31 Online Hosted by AU Nukskahtowin indigenous.athabascau.ca/bannock/index.php Access through above link Talk to a Librarian Drop-in Session Tues, Dec 8, 9:00 to 9:30 am MST Online via Microsoft Teams Hosted by AU Library library.athabascau.ca/orientations.html No pre-registration necessary; access through above link… Read more »

AUSU Update

This space is provided free to AUSU: The Voice does not create or edit this content. Contact services@ausu.org with any questions. IMPORTANT DATES Dec 10: Deadline to register in a course starting Jan 1 Dec 10: AUSUnights Virtual Student Social Dec 15: Jan degree requirements deadline Dec 21: Deadline to request exams for Dec. end… Read more »

Scholarship of the Week!

Scholarship name:  Alberta Blue Cross Scholarship for Mature Indigenous Students Sponsored by:  Alberta Blue Cross Deadline:  January 15, 2021 Potential payout:  $1500 Eligibility restriction:  Applicants must be members of a first nation or band, or have Inuit, Métis, or Indian Status; must be enrolling in the first year of a full-time post-secondary or diploma program… Read more »

Editorial—Get in Line

So it seems our COVID-19 journey may be coming to an end over the next several months, with news in a couple of provinces about the first rounds of a vaccine for COVID-19 to be administered in January.  This seems like a remarkably short time for a vaccine to go from initial stages to completion,… Read more »