Vol. 29 Iss. 27

Volume 29, Issue 27 - 07/09/2021

Minds We Meet—Amy Mayer

As a wave of sweltering heat radiated across Canada, and most of us celebrated Canada Day without fireworks and outdoor parades; The Voice Magazine team continued to work tirelessly to bring forward inspirational stories of AU students from all around the world so we can form deeper connections and learn from each other’s life experiences…. Read more »

The Reading List—July 2021

Now it is officially summer! Places across the world have started re-opening as more people have received their first or both doses of the COVID-19 vaccines.  Things are slowly starting to look a little more normal.  So while many of us continue with virtual plans, in-person outdoor plans, sitting in your basement trying to cool… Read more »

The Struggling Student Rants—Getting Past the 2%

Wiser words have never been spoken.  Well, perhaps they have, but not as far as going for the gold is concerned.  As Jen Sincero says, “if you’re ready to make more money, you can … even the I’m-a-buy-everyone-I-love-a-house-and-a-golden-tooth kind of money” (2017, 0:43).  It all comes down to mindset and, well, cojones.  While I hate… Read more »

Fly on the Wall—AU Genius on the Half-Shell

“You potted plant, don’t just sit there—get to work!” Try scrawling that on a post-it note to yourself.  Then, leave it on the desk for when your eyes drift away from your schoolwork.  I guarantee at least a couple chuckles before you get disgusted with your past self and/or my Fly on the Wall suggestion. … Read more »

Music Review—Oh What a Beautiful Morning

Artist: Jennifer Nettles Song/Music Video: Oh, What a Beautiful Morning Album: Always Like New Grammy Award winning country singer, Jennifer Nettles, has just released her new album Always Like New, alongside a music video for the single, “Oh, What a Beautiful Morning”.  If you don’t know, Jennifer Nettles was part of country-duo Sugarland that performed… Read more »

Homemade is Better—Bluetooth Thermometer

This past Christmas, my parents bought me a nifty little device that my dad had been using for a while.  I thought it was a neat investment, not that it was overly expensive, but I use it quite often, so I thought it would be worth writing an article to discuss it.  Not so to… Read more »

Dear Barb—Grudges

Dear Barb: I am from a large family, and we have experienced a lot of dysfunction and estrangement between family members.  Many of my immediate family members hold grudges and don’t speak to each other for years at a time.  Cousins, siblings, even grandparents have been estranged.  I don’t understand why people act like this. … Read more »

Editorial—Nothing Much Changed

So, it’s happened here in Alberta.  We’re all opened up.  Even in Calgary, the one city that was a little more recalcitrant about it has voted to drop the mask bylaw and let things open again. And yet, if all you went by was what you see at the stores, you wouldn’t know it.  I… Read more »

Athletes that Throw it All Away

The sports world is filled with rags to riches stories of youth that grew up in low socio-economic backgrounds and became millionaires overnight.  All their hardships are gone once they sign that million-dollar contract, or at least that is what many people watching these athletes believe.  The thought process behind this viewpoint is that money… Read more »

The Ups and Downs of Super Fitness

Exercise has its upside, as we all know: fitness, health, energy, longevity.  But did you know exercise has not just an upside, but a downside, too? Here are the downsides of being super fit, according to my personal experiences: #1 downside: The more I lifted weights (but did no cardio), the more I got called… Read more »

Scholarship of the Week!

Scholarship name:  Sunshine Coast Health Centre Scholarship Sponsored by:  Sunshine Coast Health Centre Deadline:  August 1, 2021 Potential payout:  $1000 Eligibility restriction:  Applicants must be enrolled in the 2020/21 semesters at an accredited university or college in Canada, in a counselling, psychology, medical/nursing, or relevant program. What’s required:  A completed application form, along with proof… Read more »

AUSU Update

This update is provided to The Voice by AUSU. Contact services@ausu.org with questions. Student Council By-Election Results Are In! Thank you to all AUSU members who voted in the 2021 Student Council By-Election and further thanks to the 11 candidates who ran for council – we are proud to represent you! You can access the… Read more »

Student Sizzle—AU Social Media

AthaU Facebook Group When the lights go out on exam day.  When the power goes out just before a scheduled exam on the course end date, a student seeks urgent guidance from the AU community.  Prompt replies lead to a free rebooking on ProctorU, within the window for exam completion. Discord Beating the heat.  In… Read more »

AU-Thentic Events

Bannock and a Movie July Edition: Inuit and Inuk Stories Jul 1 to Jul 31 Online Hosted by AU Nukskahtowin www.athabascau.ca/indigenous/bannock-and-a-movie/index.html Access through above link Indigenous Perspectives on Sustainability in Cultural Heritage Conservation and Management (with a focus on World Heritage) – Part 2 Sat, Jul 10, 11:00 am to 1:00 pm MDT Online Hosted… Read more »

Vintage Voice

On July 9, 1993, the Nunavut Act was passed, which led to the establishment of the territory of Nunavut six years later.  Nunavut Day is celebrated each July 9 in the territory. Going the distance.  Former Voice editor Christina M. Frey’s interview with Nunavut-based AU student Eloise Campbell.  “‘I have a touch of frostbite on… Read more »