Vol. 31 Iss. 06

Volume 31, Issue 06 - 02/10/2023

Minds We Meet—Melanie Rousseau

The Voice Magazine recently had a chance to chat with Melanie Rousseau (she/her), a Post Diploma, Bachelor of Science program student, from Windsor, Ontario.  She explained that she “recently transitioned from part-time studies to full-time studies to prioritize finishing the undergraduate degree in less than two years.”  She plans to use this upgraded knowledge at… Read more »

Homemade is Better—Enchiladas

My wife came across a unique enchilada recipe.  It was unusual because the chicken was cooked in the sauce and then shredded.  I thought it was an exciting concept, so I looked at it, then checked out a few other recipes and put together a recipe that we all enjoyed immensely. We only seem to… Read more »

Beyond Literary Landscapes—Modernist Literature

From my early beginnings as a young introvert, the public library has always been a bit of a refuge.  Years later, not much has changed, albeit with an additional affinity for endless hours spent scouring second-hand bookstores to add to my ever-growing “to-read” pile. From one bookworm to another, this column will be underscoring and… Read more »

[blue rare]—Alive in the Realm of the Senses

Sight, hearing, taste, touch, and smell: they are our only means of bearing witness to and possibly gaining some understanding of the surprising pageantry of the weird world we find ourselves plunged into.  This sensory input provides us with the raw ingredients which time distills, and which our mind, that arcane mixologist, stirs and crafts… Read more »

Music Review—Room Service

Artist: Haviah Mighty Single: Room Service Canadian rapper, singer, DJ, and producer, Haviah Mighty, has released a new single titled “Room Service”.  The single is available for streaming anywhere you get your music. Haviah Mighty is from Brampton (apart of the GTA), which is actually where I was born and spent the first few years… Read more »

Dear Barb—Cat Tails

Dear Barb: I think I may have read something similar in a column, but I can’t remember your advice.  My husband and I adopted a kitten from a cat rescue organization six months ago.  Ginger was three months old when we got him.  We had just lost our dog and decided we would get a… Read more »

Defunding the Police, Part IV

Last week in The Voice Magazine, I finished summarizing my experience navigating various structures around policing and the different forms of resistance I came across after submitting a criminal complaint.  It was quite difficult to always be on top of things, especially since I was learning on-the-go, but there is no easy time when it… Read more »

Ideas on How to Be Happy

Happiness is a choice.  It’s a one or a zero.  And it’s best on than off.  And we have 100% control over our happiness.  So, here are some strategies for generating happiness, no matter what happens externally.  After all, our internal environment dictates how we ultimately feel. Exercise.  Just today, I went swimming.  The high… Read more »

Problems with Being a People Pleaser

I’m guilty of being a people pleaser.  I spend a lot of time trying to please others.  Disappointing others was almost a crime in my books when I was younger. It’s a term used to refer to those with a strong urge to ensure satisfaction of people around them.  This might mean going out of… Read more »

A Valentine’s Day Special—The Gospels of a Gentleman

Usually, I stick to writing about sciencey things or my “Philadelphia lawyer” moments so that other people can leverage my experiences for better outcomes.  However, this is a special article written for my fellow gentlemen, on how to best position oneself to experience success on the “international day of luvin”, also known as Valentine’s Day. … Read more »

Fly on the Wall—Taking Enlightenment to the Outhouse

Wisdom is easily dispensed and sometimes bitterly believed.  No matter our education level, others may disagree vehemently with our conclusions on many a topic.  For Michel Foucault, an attitude of enlightenment requires us to adopt a stance of bravery in the face of external opposition and internal beliefs.  These latter may have worn themselves so… Read more »

Ableism in our Textbooks: A Course Review

Recently I took the AU course PSYC478: Autism Spectrum Disorder.  As the mom of a little guy with autism, I thought this would be a great course for me to learn more about my son’s disability.  While my tutor was excellent, I was dismayed to find that my course materials were riddled with ableist language,… Read more »

Editorial—The Official Reaction

I got in touch with AUSU’s president, Karen Fletcher, to ask her about the recent change in AU’s President, including as to what your student representatives on the board knew about the whole affair, and what happens now. In her response, she noted that “despite being board members, with full voting seats, students were not… Read more »

I Love Criticism

I don’t love giving criticism.  In fact, I avoid doling it out altogether.  That’s because I love all people and refuse to see their flaws.  But I’m coming to love receiving it.  When I receive criticism, I reflect deeply on it.  Sometimes I’m ready for the criticism to trigger change; other times, I’m not.  But… Read more »

AUSU Update!

Join us on Feb. 9 at 5 p.m. MT on Zoom and celebrate Black History Month with Dr. Olukoju from AU as he discusses Politics, Voting, and the Inclusion of the Black Community in Canadian Governance.  Dr. Olukoju holds a Ph.D. in Public Policy and Administration and a second in Theology. RSVP on Eventbrite! Then… Read more »

Scholarship of the Week

Scholarship name:  Horatio Alger Canadian Scholarships Sponsored by:  Horatio Alger Association of Canada Deadline:  March 15, 2023, 12:00 pm ET Potential payout:  $5000 Eligibility restriction:  Applicants must be Canadian citizens, be full-time grade 11 high school students (or first year CEGEP students in Canada), be intending to pursue a bachelor’s degree program at an accredited… Read more »

AU-Thentic Events

Library Chat Tues, Feb 14, 10:30 am to 2:30 pm MST Online Hosted by AU Library www.athabascau.ca/library/index.html No pre-registration needed; access through chat box on home page Writing Forum: Organization and time management strategies Tue, Feb 14, 12:30 to 1:30 pm MST Online via Microsoft Teams Hosted by AU’s Write Site www.athabascau.ca/write-site/writing-forum.html No pre-registration needed;… Read more »

Student Sizzle—Following What’s Hot!

AthaU Facebook Group Fallout.  Several threads convey reactions, thoughts, and opinions on the recent AU president switcheroo. Discord Collecting voices.  In the #general channel, a student shares a link to a petition opposing direct political interference in the affairs of AU. reddit Extra work for degrees.  A student working on what they thought was their… Read more »

Vintage Voice

With Valentine’s Day coming up next Tuesday, we delved into the archives to find articles that touched on the essentials:  love and chocolate. Chocolate for happy hearts.  Katie D’Souza outlines the health benefits of chocolate.  “In addition to flavonoids, cacao also contains serotonin, a neurotransmitter that’s important in maintaining a positive mood; perhaps that’s why… Read more »