Vol. 31 Iss. 33

Volume 31, Issue 33 - 09/01/2023

Minds We Meet—Aman Sahi

The Voice Magazine recently had a chance to chat with Aman Sahi (she/her), a Bachelor of Psychology student who hopes to become a registered psychologist currently residing in Airdrie, Alberta.  Originally from India, having moved to Canada ten years ago with her husband, Aman has spent the last seven years in Airdrie. This future psychologist… Read more »

Fly on the Wall—Marx: Diagnostician of Destiny

Karl Marx reveals himself as quite the psychologist when we research him that way; he divides needs and wants as one would computer fonts, some based on the essence of our humanity as creative beings and some, for lack of a better word, as essentially oppressed by nonsensical cultural wing-dings.  To Marx, social reality makes… Read more »

Book Review—Unbound: Ukrainian Canadians Writing Home

A person’s “identity” can be one of the most complicated aspects of a person and even more so in pluralistic societies that are a melting pot of identities. Unbound: Ukrainian Canadians Writing Home is a book that explores the idea of identity in a globalized world, focusing on exploring early Ukrainian Canadians and their connection… Read more »

Music Review—Music That Humans Can Play

Artist: Autogramm Album: Music That Humans Can Play Release Date: November 17, 2023 Before reviewing Autogramm’s third full-length album, Music That Humans Can Play, it’s worth saying a few words about the band.  If you’re like me and this is the first time you are hearing about them, you’re probably already guessing what kind of music… Read more »

Beyond Literary Landscapes—Poetic Justice

From my early beginnings as a young introvert, the public library has always been a bit of a refuge.  Years later, not much has changed, albeit with an additional affinity for endless hours spent scouring second-hand bookstores to add to my ever-growing “to-read” pile. From one bookworm to another, this column will be underscoring and… Read more »

Eight Ways I Combat Chronic Fatigue

I’ve found some formulas for curing chronic fatigue.  I started with high fiber: a raw vegetable, fruits, nuts, seeds, and beans diet, which has transformed into what it is today.  And my energy and mood are a thousand times better than what they were before.  With that said, here are ten of my best secrets… Read more »

Editorial—Fun with Funding

This week, I got the Council Meeting report from the last AUSU Council meeting completed, with some light reporting on the newly approved budget and upcoming AUSU fee increase.  Initially I was thinking of going through category by category noting significant differences, but in looking through, most of the changes except the one I singled… Read more »

Council Connection—August 17, 2023 Meeting

The meeting came to order at 6:03  with VP External Manmeet Kaur, Councillor Karen Fletcher, and Indigenous Circle Council Voice Rylee Feschuk absent with regrets.  The agenda was amended to add an item regarding the Executive Compensation Review Committee (ECRC).  This is the committee AUSU establishes to review the AUSU executive compensation, comparing it to… Read more »

The House of Lancaster

Thomas was a portrait painter by vocation.  Until he met Ellen.  He’d been commissioned to paint her portrait for her 18th birthday, and that painting marked the end of his portrait career. It’s more complicated than that.  He did paint her portrait.  Over the course of many sittings, Thomas and Ellen fell in love.  She… Read more »

Get Familiar With Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease

Society’s seemingly singular understanding of how one can damage their liver and get diagnosed with fatty liver disease might be attributed to the popular belief that if a person does not indulge in the dangers of drugs and alcohol, then indulging in life’s simple pleasures courtesy of sweets and pastries should be okay.  The reality… Read more »

Prosperity Comes When We Most Desire It

When we focus on prosperity, it comes to us like an avalanche.  That’s why seeking success and wealth is a wondrous thing.  When the pursuit of wealth is accompanied by greater integrity, success is sure to flourish.  And every last one of us, no matter our current state, can create greater and greater wealth.  Nothing… Read more »

Research Assistant Opportunity!

This intriguing posting covers COVID-19 and medical caregivers within relevant research literature.  Qualitative studies, including media articles and narratives, will be combined and summarized as part of an ongoing data review.  The successful applicant will gain invaluable experience and skills in the unique scientific art of qualitative research. Like many invisible or even marginalized aspects… Read more »

Vintage Voice

September generally brings an influx of new students to AU.  We dug in the archives (but not too deeply) for some still-current advice for new students. Take a deep breath.  Tara Panrucker lists eleven points of advice for new students.  “Deadlines, long assignments, piles of research looming, and new jargon can all be taken in… Read more »

AU-Thentic Events

Library Chat Tues, Sep 5, 10:30 am to 2:30 pm MDT Online Hosted by AU Library www.athabascau.ca/library/index.html No pre-registration needed; access through chat box on home page Who, me? Cheat?: ChatGPT and Generative AI Tues, Sep 5, 12:30 to 1:30 pm MDT Online Hosted by AU Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Write Site, AU… Read more »

Scholarship of the Week

Scholarship name:  William M Farley Memorial Award Sponsored by:  Canadian Western Agribition Deadline:  October 1, 2023 Potential payout:  $1500 Eligibility restriction:  Applicants must be passionate about agriculture and have participated in CWA as a participant or volunteer themselves or with their family, be enrolled in any academic program in a post-secondary educational institution, and be… Read more »

Student Sizzle–AU Social Media

Facebook AU Psychology Courses Fill the Gap. A Master of Counselling student wants to apply to the College of Alberta Psychologists (CAP). However, the student requires at least seven more psychology classes. Another student responds that many AU classes can be used to meet the psychology requirements for the CAP. Another student recommends the AU psychology… Read more »

AUSU Update!

Welcome Week by AUSU is an orientation for AU undergraduates September 7th at 5:00 p.m. MT on Zoom will mark the second annual Welcome Week by AUSU. The free event welcomes new and continuing AU undergraduate students and provides an introduction (or refresher) to student life at the university. The event includes a “Top 5… Read more »

Research Participants Needed!

PARTICIPANTS NEEDED FOR RESEARCH ON INTIMATE PARTNER VIOLENCE SURVIVORS’ EXPERIENCES Have you ever been subjected to violence by an intimate partner? Did a law enforcement officer respond to an incident of abuse? Are you 18 years of age or older?  We are looking for volunteers to take part in a study of intimate partner violence… Read more »