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Editorial—The Spam is Real

I decided this week we need to change things up just a bit, so instead of our feature article being an interview, we’re doing something a little bit different this time.  This week, our feature article will be the start of something I hope we’ll continue at some point in the future, something I’m calling… Read more »

The Creative Spark!—Original Thought

Original thought means everything at universities.  At least, at the graduate level.  At the undergraduate level, many students busy themselves citing stuff already written.  But once they get into graduate studies, they’re expected to make original research—whether done through surveys, interviews, theories and/or methodologies. Recently, I spoke with a world renown psychologist about creativity.  I… Read more »

The Ad Blocker Debate

More people are using advertisement blocking software to avoid Internet ads, and many publishers are not happy about it.  One company that monitors users’ use of ad blocking software, PageFair, produced a report in 2015 indicating that “ad blocking [was] estimated to cost publishers nearly $22 billion during 2015.” And as the number of people… Read more »