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Three Tips on Editing Videos Quickly for School or Hobbies

I’ve always been interested in video editing as it serves such a wide range of functions in modern life.  We can’t live without our screens, but as technology progresses, I’ve found that people are much more engaged with videos than pictures, and it’s been a fun learning experience throughout the years.  Before COVID-19, I had… Read more »

Tips For Self-Compassion With Trauma

This article is written in the hopes self-compassion is used when it is realized that a potential trigger may arise even if it is just mentioning the name of a movie that was traumatizing in childhood.  To be clear it is not meant to be used as a substitute for professional assistance.  My only aim… Read more »

Traditional versus Self-Publishing

Many years ago, I sent my book out to several publishers and all I got was rejection letters.  So I put my book away in the drawer and gave up on a dream.  Years later I was happy to be writing again when I was chosen to write an advice column. It evolved into my… Read more »

You Too Can (and Should) Learn Mathematics

Dr. Goodaire swooped down the stairs of the Auditoria style classroom two wide steps at a time to deliver his first lecture of the morning for a Calculus I class.  It was the first week of September 1992 and this was my first class of a six-year long engineering program at Memorial University. I was… Read more »

The Lines Separating Victims from Perpetrators

Hurt people hurt people.  You’ve probably heard this simple and tired statement used in a sloppy attempt to explain the nature of trauma to a victim.  I’m not saying that I’ve never used it myself, but when I heard it for the first time after my mother abandoned me, I got even angrier. What kind… Read more »

The Struggling Student Rants—Setting Up Shop

Nearly two years of this pandemic have come and gone and, despite what anyone says (expert or not), no one knows with certainty when this will eventually end. What we do know is that everyone’s finances have been affected—whether due to last year’s mass layoffs, supply chain disruptions, or rising inflation rates—no one has been… Read more »

When is Online Shopping an Addiction?

Since the dawn of online shopping with giants like eBay, we’ve loved the convenience of clicking a button in the comforts of our homes and receiving a package in the mail.  My own interest in online shopping came early.  Back then, eBay took about a month to ship my beloved international charging adapter that I… Read more »

Surviving a Road Trip with Young Children

Now that COVID-19 restrictions are easing throughout Canada, many of us are making plans to travel again—at least within the country.  Traveling with young children can be intimidating, especially if you’re preparing for a long car ride.  My kids and I frequently drive over six hours away to visit family, so I’ve had plenty of… Read more »

Advice Column

Most often, when I come across an advice column, the words of wisdom promise to help the reader become more “successful” in some way.  If you follow these suggestions, the implication goes, you will become wealthier / achieve higher grades / improve your job prospects / lose weight / gain more energy / reduce stress/… Read more »