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Book Review—Fantasyland

Book: Fantasyland:  How America went Haywire:  A 500-year History Author: Kurt Andersen For decades, Kurt Andersen has written about President Trump, having featured the billionaire’s dubious business deals, vulgarity, and vain personality in Spy magazine.  More recently, Andersen collaborated with actor Alec Baldwin—who famously parodied Trump on Saturday Night Live—on a satirical biography of Trump. … Read more »

Vintage Voice

While Americans celebrate Thanksgiving this week, we look at more differences between us and them. Searching for sense in American politics.  In advance of the 2012 U.S.  election, dual-citizen Wander Waterman reflects on some fundamental differences between Canadian and American attitudes toward politics and voting.  Americans are “a little more drawn to confrontation; they don’t… Read more »