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The Not-So Starving Student—Kitchen Appliance Review

As I was casually browsing Amazon for nifty kitchen appliances to add to my stash (and to deal with my chef’s block—the equivalent of writer’s block except one grumbles over the next meal to create), I found a surprising number of highly rated tools to reignite my love for cooking. I decided to buckle down… Read more »

The Not-So Starving Student—Cast Iron Primer

I had another moment recently that called for kitchen inspiration.  Specifically, in the spring and summer, grilling on an outdoor barbeque can be a headache (literally, for those with pollen allergies).  While browsing the shelves at HomeSense, I picked up a cast iron grill that has opened up endless possibilities for summer meal preparations.  Whether… Read more »

The Not-So Starving Student

As an AU student, you might be tasked with having to feed, not just yourself, but family and perhaps roommates as well.  Preparing meals day in and day out, you might become fatigued at brainstorming new inspirations for recipes and, of course, having to bring those ideas to life.  We call this the chef’s block… Read more »