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The Fit Student—Cycling Tips

Want a student-friendly way to blast to class and back?  Tired of standing at the bus, getting snow kicked in your face by motorists?  Then jump on the environmental bandwagon: the bicycle. Cyclists live fit and healthy but carry their share of road rage tales.  I have many scary cycling stories, too. For instance, I… Read more »

The Study Dude—Win A Grades with Tricks

Do you dance like Michael Jackson to Wii games?  Do you cycle like Lance Armstrong after doping?  Well, whatever you do well, do the same with studies. Learning how to win A-grades takes time and tricks.  To get the A’s, we need to master mnemonics, reading strategies, exam tips, and note-taking skills. But how do… Read more »

The Fit Student—Celebrities with Low Self Esteem

Cocaine.  Womanizing.  Kardashian egos.  No wonder celebrities struggle with self-esteem.  But what about self-esteem for a greeter at Walmart, doomed to no Hollywood stars on the Walk of Fame? Today at the mall, I went window-shopping.  A boutique store-clerk looked at me, horrified, brushing off my chitchat, rushing me out the door.  When I looked… Read more »