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The Mindful Bard Arts Report, August 2019

Only art penetrates what pride, passion, intelligence, and habit erect on all sides – the seeming realities of this world. There is another reality, the genuine one, which we lose sight of. This other reality is always sending us hints, which without art, we can’t receive. – Saul Bellow The Mindful Bard never stops scouting… Read more »

From Where I Sit—No Need to Re-Invent the Wheel

Before Christmas I was scoping out the books at Costco.  With their limited space they usually carry the hottest titles and always, always have a discounted price.  I picked up a copy of Timothy Ferriss’ newest titles: Tools of Titans and Tribe of Mentors.  He is the bestselling author of the 4 Hour Work Week. … Read more »

Giller Prize 2017

This will be coming out after the winner of the 2017 Scotia Giller Prize has been announced.  For the record, I am hoping for I am a Truck by Michelle Winters.  I am rooting for her for many reasons, including it being a wonderful read.  But also because it stands for a lot—it is an… Read more »