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Four Tips on Leading a Less Materialistic Lifestyle

I love me a new purse or a cozy jacket.  But at what point do these items become meaningless?  When you already have them but need five more of course!  Our relationship with items is very much governed by our capitalistic and consumption-focused world.  It’s difficult when social media is used as a form of… Read more »

Dear Barb—‘Tis the Season

Dear Barb: Christmas is over and the Christmas bills are starting to roll in.  I didn’t realize I had spent so much money, even though I was trying to control my spending this year.  It’s so frustrating.  Although I had a great Christmas, the feeling is being spoiled by all these bills.  I would like… Read more »

A Heavenly Christmas

If you could have another Christmas with your loved ones who have passed, would you? Of course you would.  How would that day go?  This is how I envision Christmas day with my loved ones who have passed. As I look out the window, I gaze at the snow gently falling.  It is Christmas day… Read more »

The Fly on the Wall—Christmas Bonus!

December 25th brings the culmination of the Holiday season: the annual gift exchange.  All the hard work of shopping and planning climaxes with this big moment; like a final exam we have expectations we hope to fulfil and anxieties we must allay.  The idea, of course, is: You will get a sentimental feeling when you… Read more »

Seven Post-Holiday Dinner Activities for the Family

The post-Christmas dinner hours can be either blissful or dreaded, depending on how you and your family make use of this time.  For many, this means long-winded conversations about politics or mediocre small talk about your college classes.  Instead, to make your time fruitful and memorable, we recommend some activities that could spice your evening… Read more »

Dear Barb—The Lost Wonderful Time of the Year

Dear Barb: The happiest time of the year is quickly approaching, but I am not feeling it.  Most of my family members have passed away and my only son is not talking to me.  He gave me an ultimatum and he didn’t get the response he wanted from me.  His father and I have been… Read more »

Five Tips to Shopping Strategically During the Holidays

The end to Halloween starts a new season that lasts approximately 1 month and 25 days.  That’s right—it’s the season of shopping.  For decades corporations have encouraged us to spend frivolously every day of the year, but particularly as the year draws to a close.  But it’s never a bad thing when we’re shopping for… Read more »

How to Make Extra Cash While Getting an Education

The cost of living and getting an education are both pricey prospects in Canada.  Furthermore, Christmas is coming! While many online students balance the 9-5 full-time traditional job with course work, there are plenty of ways to make extra cash on the side for those attracted to a more flexible lifestyle.  See if the following… Read more »

A Little Perspective

Everything is relative. I started getting organized for the holiday season.  I even finished shopping for one person.  When asked by a salesperson what I was shopping for they responded with “wow, you’re organized.” Except, I don’t feel organized.  Maybe for them, starting to shop and think about it in November is being organized.  But… Read more »