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The Fit Student—How to Get a Batman Bod

There’s a way to get a Batman or Cat Woman bod in no time: pluck a local waitress out of one of the busiest lounges, or a knuckle dragger from a weightlifting gym, then just suit them up.  But better yet, knuckle down yourself—with high intensity interval training. Once, I had a Batman bod.  It… Read more »

The Fit Student—Cycling Tips

Want a student-friendly way to blast to class and back?  Tired of standing at the bus, getting snow kicked in your face by motorists?  Then jump on the environmental bandwagon: the bicycle. Cyclists live fit and healthy but carry their share of road rage tales.  I have many scary cycling stories, too. For instance, I… Read more »

The Fit Student—The Perfect Date

Love.  Gym B.O.  Superfoods.  What do these three have in common?  The perfect date. Eight months ago, I never exercised.  I barely managed a block walk while dragging my sore knee.  Most days, I felt dead-tired and nauseated.  Me—the perfect date from the Rocky Horror Picture Show. Now, after eight months of exercise, I’m turning… Read more »

The Fit Student—Tame That Fanatic

Would you read an unknown author’s essay on finding fame?  A homeless guy’s article on making millions?  A sickly woman’s writeup on health and fitness? Not long ago, my health dropped so drastically I feared dying before my 50th birthday.  I felt nauseated most days, so tired I could barely open my eyes to read. … Read more »

The Fit Student—Last Swallow of Sweet Potato Pie

The day Papa dies marks the day my telomeres shrink. But let’s backtrack. Daily, I munch flaxseed, fruits, veggies, bran, and beans—yes, fiber.  (Fiber-bombs scrub small intestines in ways worthy of bowl-selfies.)   I sleep 8 ½ hours, weightlift, shadow-box, and eat like David Suzuki fasting after a Burger King binge.  Despite all that, nausea and… Read more »