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A Small Act of Doing

After a restless night, you get a late start on the day.  It’s well after ten o’clock, and you’re still drinking your morning coffee, gloomily contemplating the day ahead.  A spider web in the corner of the ceiling, a partially clogged drain, a sink full of dirty dishes, a basket full of unwashed clothes.  All… Read more »

Ethical Investing

You might be wondering, what is ethical investing? Ethical investing is investing in sustainable companies that line up with your morals and values.  For example, if you are against animal cruelty, you would invest in companies that make cruelty-free products.  To know that the company you’re interested in investing aligns with your values, research is… Read more »

Council Connection—May 16, 2024

The AUSU Council convened on May 16, 2024, at 6:03 PM Mountain Time for a meeting on Zoom, highlighting the human resource expenditure, committee appointments of members-at-large, and monthly reports from the council executives. Welcome and Land Acknowledgement President Chantel Groening commenced the meeting from Ottawa at the Canadian Alliance of Students Association’s annual Foundations… Read more »

Cities in Six: Athabasca, Alberta

We interrupt our tour of Europe to feature some Canadian cities.  Although I have visited two territories and all ten provinces of Canada, I don’t have photos from cities in every area of the country.  Instead, I’ll lead you on a scattershot tour of Canada beginning with—where else?—Athabasca, Alberta. Athabasca, nestled on the south side… Read more »

Narco Cartels Have Evolved to Become Narco-Multi-National Corporations

In the world of trafficking and procuring drug contraband, nobody might be better at it than the big-time traffickers from Mexico. Those whose networks stretch around the world. But the landscape of international drug trafficking has evolved, along with narco cartels evolving into narco-multi-national corporations (narco-MNCs). Many narco-MNCs have managed to infiltrate various industries, including… Read more »

Everyday Spycraft

One of the most potent aspects of art is that it can help us understand and come to terms with the darker aspects of the world and ourselves.  The mysterious power that the storyteller brings to bear is their ability to simultaneously call forth, examine, and assuage the fears that haunt us, the traumas that… Read more »

Misogyny, Machismo, and the Media

Women around the globe are facing both subtle and not so subtle challenges to some of their freedoms.  Men in our societies are receiving conflicting messages about what it means to be a man, what strength means, and some media or entertainment sources are contributing to this.  Popular figures who center their messaging around misogynistic… Read more »

Minds We Meet—Megan Rosen

The Voice Magazine recently had a chance to chat with Megan Rosen (she/her), a 38-year-old Bachelor of Commerce in Human Resources Management student currently residing in Wainwright, Alberta. Megan let us know that, while she moved to Wainwright from Lloydminster, Alberta, she grew up in Washington state and in Saskatchewan.  She is married, with one… Read more »

How Students can Get Started with Saving and Investing

After the COVID-19 pandemic, inflation increased and caused our monthly expenses to rapidly rise.  Around twenty to thirty years ago, it seemed easier for people to get a degree, find a job, and live a comfortable life on one income.  Now most people need at least two incomes to afford everyday expenses such as rent. … Read more »