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The Creative Spark—Passion Never Dies

Do you have the passion to make it big in film?  Well, you can with just a cellphone and a video editor.  In the past, you needed hoards of funding and state of the art equipment.  Not anymore.  Author Danial O’Brien claims, “Virtually anybody can make a movie today.  In 2015, ‘Tangerine’ was premiered at… Read more »

The Mindful Bard—Dogville and Manderlay

Film: Dogville Writer/Director: Lars Von Trier Film: Manderlay Writer/Director: Lars Von Trier This won’t include a retrospective of Von Trier’s filmography, or a precis of his many scandalous faux pas, or a list of his film scenes that have lead to the most walk-outs.  For now, I’m only going to talk about two of his… Read more »

Media Review—A Monster Calls

Book/Film: A Monster Calls Author: Patrick Ness Illustrator: Jim Kay Before her death from breast cancer in 2007, writer Siobhan Dowd began to develop a story about a boy facing the imminent loss of his mother to cancer.  She drew inspiration from the highly poisonous yew tree, which was nevertheless the source of an anticancer drug she was… Read more »

Celluloid Psychology—Equilibrium and You

Equilibrium is a thriller tech-noir directed by Kurt Wimmer starring Christian Bale, Sean Bean, and Emilie Watson.  The film is derived from George Orwell’s classic 1984, with a story that centres on a utopic society ruled by a leader who claims all emotion and feeling as cause for an inevitable third world war to end… Read more »