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The Not-So Starving Student—A Financial Diet

There are many similarities between being financially fit and physical or mental wellbeing.  For one, possessing financial awareness, or “fitness”, will barricade us against stressors such as emergency use of funds.  Money has a tendency to leave us at the earliest opportunity and, especially as students, when stress hits a lot of rational thought goes… Read more »

25 Money Saving Tips for Students

There’s no getting around the fact that paying for university is more expensive than ever.  If you aren’t aware of where your finances are at, it can cost you thousands of wasted bucks over the course of a year that could be funding your future instead. From pennies to thousands of dollars, these money saving… Read more »

Vintage Voice

To celebrate Thrift Shop Day, August 17, we sorted through heaps of still perfectly good articles to find these vintage gems. Minimalist Max.  Student Max Birkner describes his minimalistic life—so perfect for the starving student!  “It took me an hour to move into this place (it was furnished). The move was completed when my girlfriend… Read more »

Survival in the Garret

Getting from home to class, from class to band practice, and from band practice to your dishwashing job are all necessary to your survival and, to some extent, to your overall happiness.  But being short on funds as well as ecologically conscious necessitates a whole new attitude toward travel—to a mindset that values environment and… Read more »

Survival in the Garret—Gimme Shelter

Finding suitable housing on a low budget can be an adventure in itself, and an abode needn’t be expensive to satisfy your need for comfort, safety, privacy, health, and beauty. Being a distance learner opens you up to a vast realm of possibilities.  Because you can access coursework and tutors online and your materials can… Read more »