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From Murder to Meaning

The power of one moment, one word. The moment: Easter Monday, 1978.  The moment Margot Van Sluytman’s father was murdered while attempting to stop an armed robbery. The word: sawbonna.  A Zulu greeting that translates to “I see you”.  To see our shared humanity, the goodness in one another, our fragility.  The way Van Sluytman… Read more »

Trusting Academic Instincts

Submitting my first essay for my first graduate level course was stressful; it was probably similar to the first essay I submitted for my undergraduate course. I spent a lot of time preparing quotes, editing, editing, and then a bit more editing. I used a trick taught by The Voice Magazine’s editor and worked through… Read more »

Mail Delivery

I got my first brown box in the mail in a year and a half; it is intimidating and exciting.  By the end of my bachelor’s degree, I had the layout of essays down pat, and formatting became second nature.  But, now I am out of practice and looking at this stack of books has… Read more »