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Editorial—The Big Day

Congratulations to those students who’ve finished off their degree this year.  Whether you know what you’re doing next or not, you’ve achieved a milestone that you can carry with you. One that not only says you have an area of mental expertise, but also that you have been taught, hopefully, how to use your own… Read more »

Making It Real

Completing my AU degree suddenly got real this month.  Over the winter I began work on my final four courses.  In February, I wrote two final exams which completed two of those courses.  Once those course grades were posted, I decided to submit my Application to Graduate. I could have completed the Application to Graduate… Read more »

The Home Stretch

The end is approaching quickly.  Too quickly!  I revised my study plan for the next few months and realized that I have just over three months of AU studies left—about a hundred days.  By April 30 I will have completed all the courses for my degree. Suddenly, graduation will be this year. In one sense,… Read more »

Saving the Best for Last

This month, I began what I hope will be my Best AU Course Ever.  Not just because it’s the last one to complete my degree—although that’s certainly reason enough to love a course.  Mainly it’s because this final AU course is the one I wanted to take the most. When I enrolled in the Bachelor… Read more »

The Big Push

November 1.  This is it—the beginning of the end.  I have six months to complete the requirements for my degree, and I’ve just started my very last course.  Within six months, I’ll submit the final assignment. Breaking the plastic wrap on the final bundle of textbooks, printing out the final study schedule, staring at the… Read more »