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Porkpie Hat—Dark Arts

When I was younger, I was very much drawn to classic slasher-horror films, such as the Friday the 13, Hallowe’en, and Nightmare on Elm Street franchises.  The reasons for this, I guess, were pretty typical.  For one thing, it was escapist entertainment for a troubled, angst-ridden teen; after all, my life may have felt pretty… Read more »

Fly on the Wall—Effort Without Reward?

It’s a dark and stormy night and you’re cowering under layers of distraction.  Your motivation quivers and clings to life as your coursework sits undone.  Fearful that the academic gods will punish you for lack of effort, you hide yourself away until the horror of procrastination passes.  But wait! A deeper fear grips you; what… Read more »

Vintage Voice

In the lead-up to Halloween October 31, it’s no surprise that October 26 has been designated Pumpkin Day.  Pumpkins in a university student magazine?  We got ’em. Pepo’lantern?  Writer Zoe Dalton describes the colourful history of Cucurbita pepo, aka the pumpkin. “[S]quashes and pumpkins are useful for far more than just food: masks, dishes, carrying… Read more »

Six Pumpkin Carvings Students Can Relate To

It’s hard to stay original with pumpkin carving every year when October 31st rolls around. While your neighbors might be striving for the most sophisticated carvings (intricately sculpted in ways that would make Michelangelo proud), keep your carvings original this year with the most relatable pumpkin carvings that would warrant a chuckle from your fellow… Read more »

Editorial—Scary Times

Domestic terrorism is nothing new to most nations in the world, but usually we manage to frame it as an “us vs. them” phenomenon. Us, in the civilized, rational society, dealing with them. Them, the crazies who want government to be destroyed, or who want their God to be the only God worshipped, or who… Read more »

Editorial—Creeping up on Halloween

We’re not quite half way through the month, but I know from past years that if I haven’t started thinking about Halloween by now, odds are it’ll be here before I get a chance to. This year is an interesting one because it is also the 200th anniversary of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein.  While that might… Read more »

Dear Barb—Cheating Tricks

Dear Barb: My husband and I’ve been married ten years.  A couple years ago he had an affair while we were going through a bad time in our marriage.  He was very sorry and begged for another chance.  I’ve tried to forgive him to make our marriage work—we have two young children.  But it’s been… Read more »

Happy Halloween America—You’re All Addams Family Now!

Congratulations, America! You thought your future was going to look like The Jetsons, or even StarTrek, but, sorry, no.  If we had to pick a classic television series that matched the impending doom of American family life, we’d have to refer to the magnificent Addams Family. The Addams family was modelled on a peculiar seam… Read more »