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The Not-So Starving Student-Cooking to Impress 101

Have you had your eyes set on a potential partner for the longest time yet they’re unresponsive to your cues? Or maybe you’re in a relationship but you’re wondering what to do to show your affection.  Since the dawn of civilization, cooking and dining has been a way for us to show appreciation—to celebrate and… Read more »

The Not-So Starving Student – Spooky Cocktails

Halloween simply isn’t complete without its share of themed food and drink items. But if you’re a busy AU student, the time-consuming preparation that goes into making delicious and artistic Halloween food cameos almost feels like a trick rather than a treat. To help you cater to your spooktacular house guests, or perhaps stimulate your… Read more »

DIY Hot Pot

A few years ago, when the first French fondue restaurant opened in Edmonton, I recall the amount of hype it received in the community.  Everyone around me was bringing their spouse, children, friends, and relatives to gather around a pot dipping their various entrees into liquified cheese.  The sight reminded me of my days in… Read more »