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Fly on the Wall—Joined at the Hip, Wired at the Brain

Group activities can be wondrous and, in theory, so can groupthink.  There’s little more inspiring than when individuals come together to present unique and multiple perspectives on an issue or topic.  The problem is when groupthink lives up to its name and morphs into an oppressive consensus beyond the bounds of which neither words nor… Read more »

Fly on the Wall–New Mediums, New Methods, Part II

Last week the Fly on the Wall made the case for taking to art such as painting or drawing to expand our capacities for learning, to be able to look at your studies from a new vantage point that might bring easier understanding.  This week, we explore another method. Besides expressing ourselves visually through painting… Read more »

Fly on the Wall—Over the Mountain, Over the Hill?

“No one here gets out alive” proclaimed a biography of Jim Morrison (Hopkins, Sugerman).  No matter our personal age we must accept that the year is waning and the life of summer has fled.  Autumnal chills with claustrophobic auspices may leave us feeling listless and trapped by the enforced hibernation of winter life.  Even our… Read more »