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Four Tips on Leading a Less Materialistic Lifestyle

I love me a new purse or a cozy jacket.  But at what point do these items become meaningless?  When you already have them but need five more of course!  Our relationship with items is very much governed by our capitalistic and consumption-focused world.  It’s difficult when social media is used as a form of… Read more »

Porkpie Hat—Toward a More Badass Yuletide

Family, friendships, physical wellbeing, peace of mind, and spiritual fulfillment—these are obviously all important aspects of a rich, well-rounded life.  But, only when indulged in in moderation.  When taken too far they can become a crutch, or possibly a distraction.  A distracting crutch, let’s say; one that’s being wielded about in an enclosed space filled… Read more »