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Fly on the Wall—The Truth is in the Tools

What’s the meaning of life? It’s a timeless question apt to induce eye rolls.  Ever since cave people digested a dinner of mastodon under moonlight, humans have pondered purpose and mulled meaning.  As denizens of the universal cave of AU, the question of life’s meaning is eminently answerable for us at some level simply because… Read more »

The Fly on the Wall – Possessed by Language!

A nightmare scene: our vibrant student minds reduced to a brainless blob! Who cast this malevolent spell? Perhaps it was nefarious alchemy wrought by the linguist Ferdinand de Saussure who stated with slitting simplicity that, prior to language, “thought is merely a vague shapeless mass” (de Saussure in Allan, 316).  Language possesses us and subjects… Read more »