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AUSU Scholarships—Plenty of Choices for AU Undergrads

Who couldn’t use an extra $1000 for their studies? Sixteen AU students can look forward to a $1000 scholarship boost from AUSU this fall.  AUSU has two award cycles each year.  The fall awards cycle opened for applications October 1, with a deadline of November 1. Last week’s article summarized the AUSU Bursaries and the… Read more »

Will Online Learning Save you Money This Fall?

Most universities in Canada are switching to online or a hybrid of online/in-person learning for this upcoming fall semester.  Those familiar with AU’s popular education format can attest to how learning from home can save you money on upfront costs without sacrificing quality instruction.  Tuition costs have been on the rise across Canada, but with… Read more »

The Best University Degrees to Have

I have heard rumors and read some articles about how having a university degree these days does not guarantee reliable or high-paying employment.  Statistics show that, even though more Canadians are better-educated, there is lack of employment for people with degrees, “despite the evident successes in educating more Canadians, recent data indicates that increasingly worrisome… Read more »

Resisting the Tyranny of the Money God

“A wise person should have money in their head, but not in their heart.” – Jonathan Swift Not Just the Rich Slavery to mammon isn’t the prerogative of the rich, much as us poor folks would like to think it is.  For every CEO ready to step over their dead mother on their way to… Read more »

Five Tips for Booking Cheaper Flights—Student Edition

As summer vacations are right around the corner (despite the recent snowfalls), there are plenty of options for students to consider when it comes to vacations.  If part of your vacation plans require air travel, then this read can hopefully save you some of the time and money you spend with air-travel.  Last year was… Read more »

Dear Barb—Thinking about the Costs

Dear Barb: My wife is driving me crazy! She wants to get a cat and we already have two dogs.  Our dogs are both getting older and I was looking forward to being able to travel without having to find someone to take care of our animals.  We have a camper so we can take… Read more »

The Not-So Starving Student—A Financial Diet

There are many similarities between being financially fit and physical or mental wellbeing.  For one, possessing financial awareness, or “fitness”, will barricade us against stressors such as emergency use of funds.  Money has a tendency to leave us at the earliest opportunity and, especially as students, when stress hits a lot of rational thought goes… Read more »

Five Ways to Take Advantage of your Student Status

Back-to-school season for students often means an overwhelming series of stimuli and activity.  AU students particularly have a host of to-dos on their list including paying tuition, stocking up on school supplies and Kraft dinner.  And then there’s the lack of income security and the hefty cost of education.  However, there are many hidden perks… Read more »