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Armchair Motorcycling

Last week, Lake Erie tossed frigid waves over the pier at Port Dover, Ontario.  Will that stop thousands of motorcyclists from attending the traditional Friday the 13th gathering?  Nope.  Even when Friday the 13th falls in the dead of winter, motorcyclists don their cold-weather gear and cruise on two wheels into the small community of… Read more »

Vintage Voice

With Friday the 13th marking the beginning of two-wheeling season, we polished up a pair of motorcycle articles. Rebel on two wheels.  In this short story, a runner-up in The Voice’s 2005 writing contest, Wanda Bakker plots the rise and fall of Aunt Barb’s coolness.  “She had a way of pushing the rules without ever… Read more »

Unconscious Superstitions

Would you ride a motorcycle for the first time on Friday the 13th? If something bad is going to happen, it is all more likely to happen on the bad luck day, right? I’ve never been one to get too wrapped up in the lore around Friday the 13th. The reasoning behind this day being… Read more »

Poetry—A Fine Line

thrusting forward my arms squeeze around you tighter and tighter your wrist snaps gripping the throttle accelerating instantly lunging faster and faster we fly along the yellow line taking the corners at a forty-five-degree angle to the hard, rough asphalt below eyes wide open i watch the world go disconcertingly by in a vibrating blur… Read more »