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Music Review—Introducing: Dead Alright

Dead Alright is a passion-driven solo-project led by the talented frontman Louis-Charles Berthiaume, known for his involvement with the bands Never Hit Again and Brand New Lungs.  With a keen focus on the energetic and rebellious spirit of 90’s and 00’s pop punk and punk rock, Dead Alright delivers a sound that is not to… Read more »

Music Review—Hollow Gloom

Artist: WOLVES AMONG US Album: Hollow Gloom Metalcore quintet, WOLVES AMONG US, is releasing their second album, Hollow Gloom, on November 19th, 2021, through Prime Collective. WOLVES AMONG US hails from Aalborg, Denmark, and are positively known and recognized for their ability to combine the heavy with the pop-ish.  “The coming album is a musical… Read more »

Music Review—Sick Year, Bro!

Artist: Block Parent Album: Sick Year, Bro! Canadian punk rock trio, Block Parent, has released their new album entitled Sick Year, Bro!—perfectly capturing their relentless energy and heartfelt comedy.  Hailng proudly from small town Cambridge, Ontario, Block Parent is a three-piece unit focused on playing coming of age, self-deprecating punk rock.  Sick Year, Bro! is… Read more »

Music Review—Talk Show Host

Artist: Talk Show Host Track: Blood in the Sand Toronto power-pop punk trio Talk Show Host has released a new single “Blood in the Sand”, now streaming everywhere, along with a new music video.  The single is one of the tracks on Talk Show Host’s upcoming album, Mid-Century Modern.  The band’s first full length album… Read more »

Beats from the Basement—Johnny Cash: 16 Biggest Hits

It’s arguably one of the most popular genres in Canada, yet country music is strangely disliked by many individual listeners.  I often hear that today’s catalogue is largely tarnished by pop’s influence, resulting in lowbrow lyrics, formulaic instrumentals, and aesthetic stereotypes in music videos. Depending on audience reception, this can be true of all modern,… Read more »

Beats from the Basement—Natasha Bedingfield

Artist: Natasha Bedingfield Album: Pocketful of Sunshine With services like Spotify, and considering the current trends in music I think it’d be interesting to go back in time, even just a decade or so ago, to see what kind of music could make a comeback now; especially since we see current artists giving nods to… Read more »

The Mindful Bard

Album: Revel & Ritual: Holiday Music for the World Artists: Greg Herriges and StellaRoma Alright, so I got this last year, too late to tell you about it for Christmas 2017, but better late than never.  Besides, right now is the perfect time to listen, stream, order, gift, or what-have-you the best world music holiday… Read more »

In Conversation—with Jane in Space

Brooklyn-based Jane in Space is an industrial/electronic band fronted by multi-instrumentalist Jesse Jensen and singer/lyricist Tom Vickers.  Their self-titled debut album was named one of the top nine rock albums of 2016 by the blog Vibes After Music.  Their second album, the EP Gorerunner, planned for release on July 13, may be described as “pre-post-rock,”… Read more »

Music Review—Todd O’Keefe

Album: Salvador Artist: Todd O’Keefe On February 5th, Todd O’Keefe released his latest album, Salvador.  Nailing down a genre for O’Keefe is challenging.  Using experience based on a past in the music industry and the amount of talent he has worked with, Todd has created a sound all his own.  With guitar stylings similar to… Read more »

Music Review—D.O.A.

Artist: D.O.A. Tour: Canadian Fight Back Tour Coming from their summer tour that took them across Europe and Asia, D.O.A. are right back at it for their Canadian Fight Back Tour.  D.O.A.  have never been shy when it comes to political issues, and nothing has changed in the face of the current political environment.  The… Read more »