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In Conversation—with Mangeur de Rêves

Alex Cégé: voice, acoustic guitar Jici LG: electric guitar, voice, acoustic guitar JPhil Major: bass, voice, acoustic guitar Raphaël Liberge-Simard: percussion Florent Schmitt: electric piano Mangeur de Rêves (“Dream Eater”) is a Montreal-based folk-rock band that formed in 2016. The band has just released their debut album, Histoires a l’envers (backwards stories), a masterpiece of… Read more »

In Conversation—with Sydney Wright

Sydney Wright is a live sound engineer and singer-songwriter now working in Austin, Texas.  Her songs reach for deep emotions and leave the listener with an abiding sense of joyful hope.  Her debut album, Seiche (watch the enthralling video of her song “You Can Stay” here) is set for release on November 9.  Wright was… Read more »

In Conversation—with Nir Yaniv

Israel-born, Los Angeles-based, Nir Yaniv is a creative whirlwind, producing musical compositions, film, illustrations, animation, fiction, and more.  His latest EP, The Voice Remains, is set for release on June 15.  The album could best be described as instrumental, Yaniv’s voice being the sole instrument except for drums; it’s as if he scat sang the… Read more »

Music Review—Todd O’Keefe

Album: Salvador Artist: Todd O’Keefe On February 5th, Todd O’Keefe released his latest album, Salvador.  Nailing down a genre for O’Keefe is challenging.  Using experience based on a past in the music industry and the amount of talent he has worked with, Todd has created a sound all his own.  With guitar stylings similar to… Read more »

The Mindful Bard

Album: Holy Cow  (CD release 20 April 2018) Artist: Clothesline Revival Publisher: Paleo Music Conrad Praetzel accompanies a Moog synthesizer with slide guitar played on a 1937 Harmony archtop, crafting the most amazing instrumental tracks imaginable.  There’s a ghost in this here electronica machine: It sings of a new heaven and a new earth where… Read more »

In Conversation—with Mia LJ

Mia LJ is a young alt-R&B artist and producer, known for her multi-instrumentalist talents, her skill as a producer and audio engineer, and her precociously sudden rise to music career success. Exercising total creative control of her own works, the self-taught artist Mia also shares her gifts via projects with other artists.  She recently collaborated… Read more »