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19 New Actions to take in 2019

Bashing the notion of New Year’s Resolutions has become mainstream; people have become increasingly jaded and disillusioned.  With threats of global warming, weather catastrophes, and the continued support of psychopaths leading our countries on a downward spiral, resolutions can seem downright laughable. I’m one of those people who believe it’s the small things that create… Read more »

My Best Four Life Advice Stories from Teachers

With 2018 drawing to a close, I took some time to reflect on my own education and career path—from starting my Bachelor of Science to a specialized clinical specialization. For many AU students, their journeys may be far from traditional. Some may be upgrading their credentials, others may be aiming to learn to keep their… Read more »

From Where I Sit—One Perfect Word Redux

Faithful readers of this space may remember that in 2017 I wrote about author Debbie Macomber’s decades-long habit of choosing one perfect word to focus on for a year.   She chose words like wisdom, prayer, surrender, hope, purpose.   My own experiment with the word ‘kindness’ was not a total failure.   I didn’t do all the… Read more »

Unwrapping a Fresh New Year

A fresh new year is intoxicating.   In the last days of the old year, the new year sits there, like an unwrapped present.   You don’t know what the package holds, but you know it’s full of promise. Last year started full of promise, too, but we’re ready to discard it.   We eagerly await the new… Read more »