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Fly on the Wall—New Year’s Resolutions? No Body Needs ‘em!

Shadows lurk like clouds across the moon as we recollect the recent memories of New Year’s festivities.  Sooner or later, amidst the frolicking and laughter, the ominous questions arose, “Have you made any resolutions?”  It was as though Champagne or Canada Dry bubbles froze in mid-ascent as gaiety met psycho-social inquisition. Queries regarding New Years’… Read more »

The Fit Student—Work, Weight-lift, and Willpower

For New Year’s Day, what topped your resolutions? To look as fit as bikini-clad Wonder Woman?  As fit as shirtless Ryan Gosling?  Or as fit as Michael Moore’s speedo? Every New Year, I make resolutions for fitness—with failing willpower.   But this year, I got fit and healthy.   And magic happened.   My size-six executive wardrobe fits. … Read more »