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How to Build a Routine that Works for You

Now that the busy fall season is approaching full steam ahead, most of us are also heading back into a busy routine after summer breaks or vacations.  Homework, sporting events, social clubs, and new part-time jobs often accompany us into September.  A successful, smooth-running day, week, and month is built upon an organized schedule that… Read more »

Get Organized

Staying organized can be tricky.  I have found that, after a busy week, I lose sight of my desk.  I have various piles that made sense at one point scattered around. Moving the piles into their appropriate home (and they do all have one, and, no, it isn’t on my desk) is much easier at… Read more »

Success by Doing Less

The drive to succeed can be overwhelming.  It can push us to take on more and more until we feel we are being pulled in too many directions.  Each “thing” can potentially be helping us get to where we want to be.  But when is enough, enough? When is it time to step back and… Read more »

Clearing the Clutter—Making Space for Creativity

By the time my AU studies wrapped up in April, my office space was a disaster zone.  An explosion of textbooks covered every available surface, mingling with a backlog of books and magazines languishing in to-be-read piles.  Writing projects, research materials, and photography equipment added to the chaos, along with the inevitable piles of filing,… Read more »

Inbox Chaos

There was a time when I didn’t organize my email inbox.  Email came in, got read, and piled up right there.  Nothing (almost) was deleted, nothing was filed into other folders, nothing was flagged.  If I wanted to find something I just did a search. However, while my personal email remains a state of chaos,… Read more »

Fifteen Easy Steps to Organization

When life gets busy, life becomes messy.  Small items start to go missing and time is wasted searching for keys, phone chargers, and clothes.  While organizing your living space may seem like a chore, doing so can bring about a great sense of peace and a surge of new creative energy.  Time is also no… Read more »

The Study Dude—Hard Knocks Hobbies

Are you as crafty as Martha Stewart’s prison-time?  She mixed her hobby with hard-knocks, fetching herbs while roaming prison lawns.  She whipped up gourmet meals for inmates while looking polished in prison stripes.   Spotless cell too, I bet. At work, my office looked messy; my hair, Einsteinian.  My computer screen rimmed with sticky notes, scrawled… Read more »

The Study Dude—Washboard Bellies Get A-Grades?

How do you reward your study spurts?  With ten-minute washboard-ab workouts?  Ten-minute zombie zone-outs?  Or ten-minute roasted prairie dog pig-outs?  I’ll opt for all three. But rewards mean little when lacking structure. During my undergrad, I studied steady: 30-minute sessions; 15-minute breaks.  I scored the highest grade in most every math class.  To quash resentments,… Read more »