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Yes, Again—It’s Dark In The Basement

Last week, I spoke about the devastating effects of poverty on my people.  I apologize if this seems like I’m cheating, somewhat using my first draft of what became my latest piece, but this cannot be overstated: people are dying.  It is my hope is that reflecting on Saint Mother Teresa of Calcutta will hopefully… Read more »

Tips For Self-Compassion With Trauma

This article is written in the hopes self-compassion is used when it is realized that a potential trigger may arise even if it is just mentioning the name of a movie that was traumatizing in childhood.  To be clear it is not meant to be used as a substitute for professional assistance.  My only aim… Read more »

Living in A Post-Covid-19 World

The next time you go somewhere, pay attention how people react when they hear someone cough.  A cough is almost guaranteed to turn heads and push people away.  The only thing worse than hearing someone cough is crossing paths with a person that decides to open mouth cough directly in front of you.  Well, at… Read more »

Learned Helplessness or Actually Helpless?

When trying to understand the present negotiations between Alberta’s Advanced Education Minister and Athabasca University surrounding the former’s demand for the latter to increase employee headcount in Athabasca, I have found it helps to split the issue into two parts: The publicly stated desires of the Advanced Education Minister, and The underhanded methods by which… Read more »

Buckling In

I have come to the realization that I am at a place where I can be honest about my disability.  However, this is easier said than done.  Not only because being honest about social and perceptive barriers is emotionally and psychologically painful; it is also extremely difficult to openly state that I am happy with… Read more »

You Too Can (and Should) Learn Mathematics

Dr. Goodaire swooped down the stairs of the Auditoria style classroom two wide steps at a time to deliver his first lecture of the morning for a Calculus I class.  It was the first week of September 1992 and this was my first class of a six-year long engineering program at Memorial University. I was… Read more »


We got Mocha when she was between 6-8 weeks old.  She was born on February 9, and our neighbours at the time got her from a breeder.  They also had a toddler and found it challenging to have both.  I don’t blame them; it absolutely was difficult. At the time, we had another dog, Sammy. … Read more »

Puppy Blues

For anyone who follows my monthly Reading Lists, you may have noticed some inconsistency recently.  The reason is because I got a puppy a few months ago!  For all dog owners, if you’ve had a puppy before, it is likely you’ve experienced puppy blues at one point in time, but if you somehow haven’t, you’re… Read more »

The Lines Separating Victims from Perpetrators

Hurt people hurt people.  You’ve probably heard this simple and tired statement used in a sloppy attempt to explain the nature of trauma to a victim.  I’m not saying that I’ve never used it myself, but when I heard it for the first time after my mother abandoned me, I got even angrier. What kind… Read more »