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My Desk, My Planet

(Note: This poem was conceived shortly after a move, when my husband couldn’t understand why the first piece of furniture I needed was a desk. I found one I loved on Kijiji but the mister didn’t want to travel to that part of the city to pick it up, and so the seller very kindly… Read more »


veins pulse and press, pulse and press straining through translucent skin forcing fevered blood through thick throbbing limbs aching and bloated listless weighted by inertia into the yellowed futon by a suppressive summer heat sticky moist and painful air ceases to exist through a haze of torpor, a dream (hallucination?) of an immense translucent crisp… Read more »


Call me I’ll wait To hear your voice again Or tap me a txt Shrt nd swt Type me into your calendar Amid your Busy schedule If it suits Your agenda Your master plan of world domination On social media Where ‘friends’ Like to imagine Everyone cares When no one Has the time To be… Read more »

Poetry—A Fine Line

thrusting forward my arms squeeze around you tighter and tighter your wrist snaps gripping the throttle accelerating instantly lunging faster and faster we fly along the yellow line taking the corners at a forty-five-degree angle to the hard, rough asphalt below eyes wide open i watch the world go disconcertingly by in a vibrating blur… Read more »


Sshhhhh draw the curtains closed unplug thoughts and plans slip softly, slow-ly deeply down into a silken silence enshrouded in night-time noiselessness   soul sealed in a velvet envelope captured in the present moment the chaos of life dissolves from Ambition! Action! Achievement! to a world condensed to taciturnity   luxurious lullaby of unspoken words… Read more »