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Nechako Surface

I thought I would end 2018 with an icy winter poem I wrote, admittedly, a few decades ago when I lived in Prince George, BC. Wishing readers all the warm pleasures the season brings, and the happiest year ahead conceivable. Nechako Surface Whirling queen of the northlands her banks swell jutting through rock and grass… Read more »


Call me I’ll wait To hear your voice again Or tap me a txt Shrt nd swt Type me into your calendar Amid your Busy schedule If it suits Your agenda Your master plan of world domination On social media Where ‘friends’ Like to imagine Everyone cares When no one Has the time To be… Read more »

The Poetic Side of Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day is almost here. There are lots of traditions among couples, some influenced by the consumer culture, while others not. I am all for celebrating it, or not, in your own way. One thing that comes to mind, though, with the tradition of Valentine’s day is poetry. I started to do a poetry challenge… Read more »

Classified Advertisement – Catharsis

This is a journey speaking of womanhood of love of pain of loss of heartbreak. It is a collection Of all things I wish I could have said, But was too afraid. This is a release of emotion A catharsis. Available now at