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Meeting the Minds—Interviews with AU’s Educators

Doctor Jeff Chang, Ph.D., R.Psych., is an Associate Professor in the Faculty of Health Disciplines at Athabasca University.  He is the Program Director of the Master of Counselling Psychology program at AU.  He joined the AU community in 2007.  Here we explore his life and work with AU. What is your personal and family background?… Read more »

Mood Music

Many years ago, I awakened to my alarm playing a sad song on the radio, unkindly reminding me of a certain ex-boyfriend.  At the time, the gloom that came over me was a forecast for the rest of the day—last-minute cancellations, spilled coffee, and more bad memories of the ex.  It got me thinking about… Read more »

Celluloid Psychology—Equilibrium and You

Equilibrium is a thriller tech-noir directed by Kurt Wimmer starring Christian Bale, Sean Bean, and Emilie Watson.  The film is derived from George Orwell’s classic 1984, with a story that centres on a utopic society ruled by a leader who claims all emotion and feeling as cause for an inevitable third world war to end… Read more »